2014 AARP Arizona Advocacy Priorities

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IMG_0053Every year, AARP Arizona releases its top advocacy priorities for the year.  Below is the 2014 legislative priorities that AARP Arizona and its team of Advocacy Volunteers will be working on during the Arizona Legislative Session, which opens on January 13.

2014 Arizona Advocacy Priorities

Protecting Retirement Income – A secure retirement is composed of four pillars: Social Security, pensions and savings, earnings and health insurance. AARP will strongly support public and private pension plans keeping the promises made to workers and retirees invested in the plans to ensure future retirees have adequate income.

Fighting for the Utility Consumer – As incomes decline expenditures on utilities become a larger portion of household budgets for those age 50 and older. AARP has helped save Arizona consumers millions of dollars through its advocacy at the Arizona Corporation Commission. AARP will continue its efforts to ensure affordable, accessible, safe and reliable utilities.

Helping People Stay in their Own Homes and Communities – Arizona’s aging population, those over 85 who are most in need of long term care, is projected to be 280,000 by 2035, a 100% increase from 2012. The number of individuals in Arizona over 65 will grow to nearly one-in-five residents by 2030. No one should be forced out of their home in order to receive long term services and supports. AARP is working to ensure:

  • An expanded, quality direct care workforce.
  • Required background checks for caregivers and appropriate disclosure of in-home care terms and conditions, and more support for family caregivers, such as training, caregiver assessments and respite care.
  • Ensuring ongoing and effective oversight of the quality of long term services and   supports delivered through for-profit and nonprofit managed care entities.

Opposing Arbitrary Tax and Spending Limitations – AARP will oppose arbitrary tax and spending limitations, such as TABOR initiatives, which eliminate important future state fiscal flexibility.

Fraud/Auto Title/Predatory Lending – AARP Arizona will work to ensure Arizona does not provide exemptions to our existing interest rate limits, auto title loans are structured as installment loan products with reasonable limits on interest and evaluation of the borrower’s ability to repay, and that borrowers have adequate protection in the event of a default.

For more information, please contact AARP Arizona at (866) 389-5649 or at azaarp@aarp.org.