In 1979, AARP founded “55 Alive” to help keep older drivers independent, safe and confident while on the road. While its mission hasn’t changed since then, many other things have, including the program name.

Today, AARP Driver Safety continues to meet the needs of older drivers through educational programs led by more than 4,000 volunteers and a myriad of resources. But they aren’t the same programs and resources that were available nearly 35 years ago. AARP Driver Safety has continued to evolve with the times, delivering on AARP’s goal to promote the independence of older Americans and enhance their quality of life.

On Jan. 1, 2014, AARP Driver Safety launched the new and improved AARP Smart Driver™ Course, the nation’s largest driving refresher course.   Although the course is geared to drivers age 50 and older, the course is open to people of all ages.  AARP membership is not required to take the course and there are no tests to pass.

AARP Smart Driver Course is available in classroom and online settings.  The classroom course is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members, and the cost for the online course for AARP members $17.95 and non-members $21.95.*

You may be eligible to receive an insurance discount upon completing the course, so consult your agent for details. You might also be eligible to receive a discount on roadside assistance plans.

Below is a list of classroom courses currently scheduled throughout Indiana for 2014.  Please call the number listed next to the class to register.  For general questions, please call 1-800-253-2017.

DATE     TIME      HOST                                                  CITY                    CONTACT INFO       

2-26-15                  1:00                        Community Hosp. East      Indianapolis         800-777-7775

3-20-15                  12:30                     Mill Race Center                    Columbus             812-376-9241

5-7-15                    10:00                     Westside Garden Plaza        Indianapolis         317-271-1020

9-10-15                  10:00                     Westside Garden Plaza        Indianapolis         317-271-1020


Photo credit: @timo_ws2 via flickr