Steve Gools

AARP Michigan is accepting nominations for the fourth annual Stephen J. Gools Award for Social Change.

The award honors the life of Steve Gools, former state director of AARP Michigan, who passed away in 2011. Gools was a man who cared deeply about and had a strong passion for improving the lives of others – especially those who were unable to do so alone.

“Steve was dedicated to helping those who could not help themselves,” said Jacqueline Morrison, state director of AARP Michigan. “We’re looking for nominees who would carry on that legacy.”

 Applications must be received by AARP Michigan by Sept. 15.

 Last year’s winner was Rob Fowler, President and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan, for his work to bring about legislative passage of the Healthy Michigan Act, which is now providing health insurance to more than 330,000 Michiganders who previously had no coverage.
Award criteria includes:

 —  Nominees must be at least 18 years of age; can be an individual, couple, group or nonprofit organization in Michigan.

— Nominees must reside in Michigan, and the work they are being nominated for must result in positive social change within the state of Michigan.

— Nominee’s work should align with Steve’s passion to help others.

— Nominee’s work has resulted in a law or public policy that was created or changed to positively affect the residents of the state of Michigan.

Find nomination form here:  2014 Stephen J Gools Award For Social Change Nomination Materials

For more information, visit  contact Karen Kafantaris at AARP Michigan at (517) 267-8916.

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Most senior citizens are concerned about social change. However there are exceptions. Our rental community use to be for senior & especially those with limitations. With the new management came change & it wasn't for the better. Now we have a variety of younger people with mental & emotional issues living here & it has brought on tremendous stress for the majority of the resident seniors. The only option now, for those having a rough time with it, is to seek living arrangements elsewhere where it's for seniors only (again). Most of the senior really dislike the idea of moving but there aren't any other options. Unfortunately our state & federal congressmen& women don't live with our situation & you can be sure their parents aren't dealing with our living arrangements. For the low income senior, there a very short list of options.