Game Day


Download and print your copy of Game Day by AARP — a tool guide with information and checklists to help you prepare for a disaster. Game day will help you put together a communication plan, compile important emergency telephone numbers and make a list of medications you might need in the event of an emergency.



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Con artists and scammers are ready to take advantage of disaster victims. The AARP Fraud Watch Network has tools and tips to help you avoid “rip-off repairmen” and charity scams. If you know of a scam in your area or want to receive Watch Dog alerts, visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network.


Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt



Following a recent swearing in ceremony of the AARP Oklahoma Fraud Fighters, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt shared some important tips with us about disaster scams and repairman rip offs. Watch the short video HERE.





Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak



Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak recently sat down with AARP to offer four insurance tips that will help you plan for a disaster. Watch the video HERE.





Amy Goyer

AARP Caregiving Expert Amy Goyer



As a result of a conversation with AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl following the devastating May 2013 tornadoes, AARP Home and Family Expert Amy Goyer shared important advice on how to help older loved ones cope with disaster — including dealing with emotions and caregiver stress.




Foundation_Web_Logo ResizeWhen disasters strike, older adults suffer unique challenges. Learn how  AARP and AARP Foundation have taken an active role in supporting relief and recovery efforts, including donating nearly $700,000 to help Oklahoma tornado victims in 2013.


AARP Live ResizeAARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl and Volunteer Wayne Blackmon shared important disaster preparation tips and advice on a recent edition of AARP Live. Watch the full program.

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Operation Emergency Prepare is a Do-it-Yourself project from Create the Good. It is is designed so that individuals, organizations and community groups can be prepared for an emergency or natural disaster. This how-to guide is for organizers but could easily be adapted to help individuals prepare for an emergency.

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