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Bandana Shrestha is the Community Engagement Director for AARP Oregon. She leads the strategic engagement of members, communities, and partners in AARP's work in the state. Bandana also leads AARP Oregon’s work on livable communities, caregiving and long-term care education, and at-risk populations. Before joining AARP, Bandana served as Director of Model Programs and Partnerships for the Points of Light Foundation in Washington, DC, where she developed and led volunteer based programs to serve and engage older adults and diverse under-served communities.

Passionate social change agent. Avid crafter. Reluctant outdoor enthusiast.

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TP or not TP, The Thin Edge of Dignity

Posted on 05/15/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

TP or not TP, by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity When I heard about it, I couldn’t believe it. But, when I saw it in black and white – actually, the font text was Arial blue – I knew the rumors were true. Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, was the statement: [ALF NAME WITHELD] “has agreed to provide a basic supply of toilet paper, 4 rolls per week maximum, and any resident who needs more than that …

AARP Talks with Noel Mickelberry- Livable Oregon

Posted on 05/4/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

By Elaine Friesen-Strang How many of your family members or friends could you accept being killed or injured in traffic? The question prompts an immediate response: zero, of course! But everyday throughout America, adults and children are killed as they are walking to school, work, or just out for a stroll; it’s what Vision Zero is hoping to change. According to Dangerous by Design, in the decade from 2003 through 2012, 47,025 people died while walking on our streets. Being …

They’re Still Gone by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity

Posted on 05/1/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

THEY’RE STILL GONE  Please Come Back by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity The tables in the dining room of our ALF are still tissueless. No longer does the plaintive request of the residents, “Please pass the tissues.” resonate through the dining room. Residents continue to suffer: there’s no way to blow our noses – unless you soil shirt tails, place mats, or napkins. We need the return of tissues: the Kleenex, the Puffs, the Marcals, the Angel Softs, …

Better Living by Design, Livable Oregon

Posted on 04/24/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

Chances are good you’ve settled comfortably into your home and aren’t planning to rent a moving van any day soon. AARP surveys consistently show that people 50+ wanted to stay in their current homes as long as possible; but research also indicates that often the homes we live in may not meet your changing needs. Does your home have stairs? How wide are those doors and hallways? How accessible are your bathrooms? Whether you are planning to stay or are …

Focus on Food Security

Posted on 03/31/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

By Elaine Friesen-Strang According to a 2011 study conducted by the AARP Foundation, Oregon was one of the top 10 states for hunger among adults age 50 and older. For those age 50-59, Oregon was in the top five. The participation rate in our state, for older adults who qualify for SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is only 40%. No one should experience hunger. Read more here.   American Winter: AARP  Lunch and Learn Join us for a special …

Caregiving Forums: Thinking and Preparing Ahead

Posted on 02/12/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

It usually starts small – perhaps running a few errands or preparing some meals. Maybe you don’t even see yourself as a caregiver yet. Sometime the changes can be sudden and dramatic. But as your loved ones age, they may need more help. And, perhaps you will too. A little planning ahead can make a big difference in your life. Join AARP Oregon and community partners for upcoming educational forums to help maximize future independence and quality of life.   …