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Urge Senate Finance Committee Members to Fund Senior Programs

Posted on 02/5/2016 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

State Legislators in Santa Fe are facing some difficult financial decisions as budget projections of $232 million in new money have dwindled to $30 million. As the debate gets ready to enter the Senate, AARP New Mexico is watching budget negotiations to ensure that senior services and programs are maintained. “We know that finances are tight and some kind of balance has to be struck,” said Gene Varela, AARP New Mexico State Director.  “AARP’s concern is a number of programs …

CARE Act Wallet Card Spells Out What Family Caregivers Need to do When Loved One is Hospitalized

Posted on 12/4/2015 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

If you are a family caregiver in New Mexico there is a new law that can help you be included in your loved one’s care when that person is admitted into the hospital. It’s called the New Mexico Lay Caregiver Aftercare Training Act, also known as the CARE Act. “AARP recognizes the critical roles that family caregivers play in taking care of their loved ones,” said Gene Varela, AARP New Mexico State Director. “We also know that when a person …

Corrales Man Honored for Caring for His Mother 100 Miles Away in Pecos

Posted on 12/4/2015 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

New Mexico caregiver Valentin Varela and his mother Ruby were selected by AARP for a special honor designed to highlight and showcase the work that unpaid family caregivers do across the country. In New Mexico 419,000 people provide care at any one time for a family member or other loved one. In the last year AARP created the I Heart Caregiver website to honor family caregivers and to collect their stories.  Recently AARP asked caregivers to share a picture of …

Carlsbad Woman’s Passion for Helping Elderly, Others Earns Her the 2015 AARP NM Andrus Award

Posted on 12/2/2015 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

AARP New Mexico is pleased to announce that it has awarded its highest honor, the 2015 AARP New Mexico Andrus Award for Community Service, to Ms. Janell Whitlock of Carlsbad. The Andrus Award for Community Service is designed to honor volunteers who go above and beyond everyday volunteering activities. It is to honor those who best embody Dr. Ethel Andrus’ spirit of reaching out to help others and embody her motto of “To Serve, Not to be Served”,  the very …

Second Annual End Hunger in New Mexico Summit Seeks to Continue Awareness, Work Started in 2015

Posted on 09/18/2015 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

A year has gone by since a variety of community organizations gathered in Albuquerque to discuss how to end hunger in New Mexico. Still the state’s statistics on food insecurity largely remain the same — first in the country for child hunger and second for senior hunger. “What these statistics continue to show us is that we have a lot of work to do if we want to really start addressing hunger in our state,” said Tim Armer, Executive director …

Learn How to Prevent Falls During Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Posted on 09/16/2015 by | AARP New Mexico | Comments

The New Mexico Adult Falls Prevention Coalition is celebrating Falls Prevention Awareness Day, Wednesday, Sept. 23, by offering screenings and/or education and outreach in the Albuquerque area on how to prevent falls. Seniors and their families are invited to participate. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for those 65 years of age and over. Every 14 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall-related injury. The chances of falling and …