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Jim is the communications director of AARP Wisconsin.

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Make Financial Advisors Accountable for Advice

Posted on 02/25/2015 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

In today’s world it’s hard enough to save for retirement and plan for your future. We don’t need to make this process even more difficult by allowing some on Wall Street to take advantage of hard-working Americans. Bad financial advice is just wrong, and we are determined to put a stop to it. That’s why President Barack Obama recently joined AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins and members of the Save Our Retirement coalition to announce that a major step has …

Don’t Mess With SeniorCare

Posted on 02/10/2015 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

We all know Wisconsin lawmakers rarely agree on anything. But one state-run program that receives praise and support from both sides of the political aisle year after year is SeniorCare. Now even that wildly successful and popular program is being targeted for a major overhaul in the governor’s proposed 2015-17 budget. We can’t let that happen! SeniorCare has literally become a lifeline for so many Wisconsinites who struggle to make ends meet. This prescription drug program is unique to Wisconsin …

Fighting Back the Attack on Senior Programs

Posted on 02/6/2015 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

SeniorCare, BadgerCare and Family Care – three critical programs that have made Wisconsin a leader in providing affordable health care for all, reasonable prescription drug prices for those 65-plus, and in-home care for seniors – are under once again under attack in Governor Walker’s proposed 2015-17 state budget. We want you to know that AARP will spend the next several months showing Wisconsin legislators just how valuable and important all three of these programs are to so many Wisconsin seniors …

Fighting for the 50+ in 2015-17 State Budget

Posted on 01/7/2015 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

Supporting Wisconsin’s family caregivers and assuring that all Wisconsinites have the framework to build a solid financial plan for their retirement are two of AARP Wisconsin’s state legislative priorities as the governor and legislature begin work on the 2015-17 state budget.  Here are some solutions to these and other issues that we’ll be fighting for on your behalf during the upcoming state budget cycle. We will be testifying on these issues during the Joint Finance Committee’s state budget public hearings …

We Care for Wisconsin’s Caregivers

Posted on 12/18/2014 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

We like to refer to the nearly 600,000 family caregivers across Wisconsin as the “silent army of unsung heroes.” Why? Because our AARP studies repeatedly show that people would much rather continue living in their own homes and communities than be moved into a nursing home or other costly institution. Family caregivers are the ones who make that possible. These selfless caregivers help their aging parents, spouses, siblings or other relatives with everything from bathing, shopping and cooking to managing their …

Rate Hikes a Slap in the Face to Customers

Posted on 12/1/2014 by | AARP Wisconsin | Comments

We’re very frustrated and disappointed after our state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) last week ignored the objections of more than 1,100 Dane County residents and granted Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) permission to raise its fixed monthly rates from $10.44 to $19 starting next year. MGE’s proposal does call for reducing its hourly usage rate by a few cents. But the PSC estimates the monthly rate increase coupled with the hourly rate decrease will translate to a $3 increase in …