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Jane Margesson


Jane Margesson has worked for AARP for over 20 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and now Maine. She is proud to work every day with a remarkable team that includes volunteers throughout the state who propel AARP's mission to improve the lives of all as we age.

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AARP Maine Hosts Their First Fraud Watch Network Scam Jam!

Posted on 05/21/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

It’s a sad fact that older Mainers are the primary target for financial exploitation. Millions of Americans continue to lose billions of dollars to scams and fraud, affecting people at any age. Every two seconds someone’s identity is stolen and it’s time we take action! AARP Maine’s Fraud Watch Network Scam Jam is your opportunity to learn about common scams and fraud and how you can avoid becoming a victim. This year’s keynote speaker will be the Maine Attorney General, …

Scam Alert of the Week!

Posted on 05/20/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

The end of tax season means fake debt collectors will begin making their rounds this month. These scammers are aggressive! Once they start demanding a wire transfer or credit card for payment ask for their name, company, address, phone number, and professional license number. Any legitimate agent will be more than willing to provide this information, so if the person tells you it’s not necessary or that they don’t have the information available, hang up and contact local authorities. Be …

June is PRIDE Month: Join AARP at Local Events

Posted on 05/18/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

Respect and Dignity for All as We Age It is likely that all of us will face certain challenges as we age.  We may have to pare down our exercise routines, monitor our diets more carefully, modify our homes to make them more age-friendly, and someday even make other preparations for the long-term such as finding a suitable assisted living facility or nursing home. One thing we should always be able to count on is being treated with dignity and …

Scam Alert of the Week!

Posted on 05/13/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

Caller ID spoofing is making its way to phones near you. Scammers have mastered calling people using a fake name and number that will pop up on your phone. The call will seem urgent, for example, it could concern something like an account that is about to be cancelled unless you immediately give your bank information or credit card number for payment. Never give out personal information via an incoming phone call; you never know who is actually on the …

Scam Alert of the Week!

Posted on 05/6/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

As May approaches with warm weather and sunshine, vacation scammers will be on the loose. If you’re looking to rent a condo, lakeside house, or beachfront place be aware of prices that are at below-market rates. Be safe and book through legitimate real estate websites or listing agents, stay clear of third party “renters” and never make any kind of payment via wire transfer. As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true then it mostly likely is. Be a …

Make Your Voice Heard at MaineDOT Forums on Public Transit Services

Posted on 05/4/2015 by | AARP Maine | Comments

The Maine Department of Transit will be holding a series of forums throughout the months of May and June regarding general public transit services.  A recent statewide analysis of transit services, as part of the Maine Strategic Transit Plan 2025, shows that there are unmet transit needs in a significant number of communities. The Department is looking for ideas from the public on how to improve services for the following: 1. Low income individuals 2. The elderly 3. Individuals with …