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I am currently living in Utah, but still a diehard Packer fan (grew up in Milwaukee and went to UW).

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New Year Message from AARP Utah State President Donna Russell

Posted on 01/15/2016 by | AARP Utah | Comments

Have you had this conversation with family or friends, “Wow, can’t believe it is 2016 already.  What happened to 2015?  Doesn’t it seem time is passing faster?” I clearly remember being in a high school assembly in 1966 when our principal said, “You are the generation that will see the year 2000.”  That seemed like such a far away event, and yet here we are starting 2016! Change is the constant and not just change, but fast change. And isn’t …

Join Us for a Life Reimagined Check-Up on January 27

Posted on 01/8/2016 by | AARP Utah | Comments

For any Utahns thinking “what’s next?” in their life and what big moves they should make are invited to seize the opportunity of this turning point and attend a Life Reimagined Check-Up at the AARP Utah state office on January 27.  Life Reimagined is a new way of thinking about what’s next in your life. Backed by decades of research, Life Reimagined introduces a powerful step-by-step approach to help you discover possibilities, prepare for change, and make your ideas real. …

Get Help with Your Financial Resolutions on January 12

Posted on 12/29/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

With the new year coming, it’s time for resolutions about what’s ahead for 2016.  One of the most important areas to examine is your financial health.  Do you have debt you want to control?  Are you stuck in a predatory loan?  Are you part of the sandwich generation–i.e., taking care of your parents and your children at the same time?  AARP Utah and the AAA Fair Credit Foundation want to help by providing resources and information that can put you …

Milestone for 2015? Salt Lake City Joined AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Communities

Posted on 12/23/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

We all want to reside in a community that’s a great place to live, and AARP wants to help cities across the country and here in Utah get there!  That’s the basis for the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities program, which encourages cities, towns, and communities to  commit to improving their age-friendliness and submit to a rigorous membership assessment cycle. This year, Salt Lake City joined the Network and now has two years to develop an action plan for becoming …

Debit or Credit This Holiday Season?

Posted on 12/9/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

 Tis the season for holiday shopping!  How should you pay for it?  If you’re using cash or a debit card this holiday season, you won’t incur the interest charges that accumulate if you can’t pay off your credit cards on time, but credit cards have the advantage when it comes to legal protection.  And that can make a big difference if your card is lost or stolen.  Here are some ways credit is the smart choice, from Kristin Keckeisen of the …

AARP Wants Candidates to Take a Stand on Social Security

Posted on 12/2/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

AARP believes every presidential candidate should let the voters know where they stand on Social Security–which is why we’ve launched a 2016 election accountability campaign called Take a Stand, which demands on behalf of voters everywhere that those running for president take a stand on how they’ll preserve Social Security.   AARP expects every presidential candidate to lay out their plans to make Social Security financially sound so that current and future generations can receive the benefits they’ve earned. “Our …