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I am currently living in Utah, but still a diehard Packer fan (grew up in Milwaukee and went to UW).

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Check Out AARP’s New Online Livability Index

Posted on 04/22/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

by Kaitlin Lounsberry, AARP blog author Communities throughout Utah and the United States aren’t prepared for an aging society, a challenge communities will face as the U.S. population ages, which is why AARP developed the Livability Index Tool to allow users the ability to determine the livability of their neighborhood and community. AARP defines livability within a community as a safe and secure location that has affordable and appropriate housing and transportation options, and has supportive community features and services, which …

Help AARP Close the Loophole on Investment Advice

Posted on 04/22/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

Millions of Americans depend on 401(k)-style plans for their retirement savings, which often require complex financial decisions.  This often means relying on investment professionals for guidance and advice.  Most professionals do what’s right for their clients, but loopholes in the law allow Wall Street to take advantage of investors by recommending investments that may not be in their best interest.  What does this mean?  It’s perfectly legal to recommend investments that have high fees and low returns but mean higher profits …

Salt Lake City Takes Challenge for Safer Streets

Posted on 04/20/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

This March, US Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx introduced the “Mayors Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets” initiative.  This 18-month campaign challenges mayors and elected officials across the nation to take significant action to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities over the next year.  In fact, the campaign encourages cities to recruit local grassroots and community organizations to assist in educating and addressing barriers to making streets safe and convenient for all road users.  …

AARP Utah’s Jill Duke Named Utah Food Bank Board Member of the Year

Posted on 04/17/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

Congratulations to AARP Utah’s Community Outreach Director Jill Duke, who was honored April 17 as the Utah Food Bank’s Board Member of the Year.  The remarks by Board Chair Scott Jensen honoring her for this award follow below: Jill Duke started as a Programs Committee Member with Utah Food Bank, and joined as a Board Member a year ago, currently serving as Board Committee Chair. Her service to Utah Food Bank has included delivering senior food boxes for several years, …

There’s No Reward in Taking the Risk: Be Prepared

Posted on 04/16/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

Despite news coverage of extreme weather, most Americans aren’t prepared for disasters, yet we have all seen the stories of families whose lives have been torn apart because of a weather-related disaster. But rather than use these reminders to brush up on their family emergency plans or prepare for disasters that might impact their communities, not enough Americans are taking action. In fact, a recent survey conducted by FEMA found that nearly 60 percent of Americans have not participated in …

Help for Caregivers in Salt Lake County

Posted on 04/16/2015 by | AARP Utah | Comments

Caregiving is an act of love and compassion, but it is also overwhelming and can cause caregiver burn-out.  Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services recognizes the need to provide resources for caregivers, and has many programs and materials to help ease the burdens faced through caregiving responsibilities. Among the many resources offered by Salt Lake County is a Caregiver Support Program that offers  respite services for the caregiver (based on eligibility) including homemaking assistance, a home health aide, adult …