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AARP Creates Real Possibilities for Interns

Posted on 09/30/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

I’ve been an intern with AARP Florida for the last nine months and I’m sad to say that my time is up. Lucky for me, what started out as a simple resume booster turned into one of the most valuable and inspiring experiences I’ve ever had. Unlike many internships where you fetch coffee and do the grunt work, AARP interns are considered a valued member of the communications team and are held to the same standards as a full-time employee. …

Not All Cancers are Pink

Posted on 09/3/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20,000 women in the United States were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010 making it the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death in America. Yet, many cases of ovarian cancer are undetected until it has spread and is difficult to treat. Fortunately, detecting the cancer in its early stages can yield a survival rate of more than 93 percent. Because September is National Ovarian …

Hey Florida Boomers: Get ready for your ‘second act’!

Posted on 08/21/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

Monica Stynchula is not a conventional retiree. After working as a medical social worker and home-schooling her children, Stynchula, like many Boomers, was looking for her “What’s Next” after retirement and found it in her new company. Stynchula used the combination of her skill set and the motivation of seeing her father live though cancer to start a new business that not only benefitted her, but benefited the community as well. She founded and became the CEO of Dovetail Care, …

Six Ways AARP Florida Fights for You

Posted on 07/2/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

 A few months after starting AARP in 1958, Ethel Percy Andrus, AARP’s founder, opened a Hospitality Center in St. Petersburg. The center welcomed Northern retirees visiting Florida in the winter and offered a place for those interested in the new association to receive discounts on prescriptions and medical supplies. Back then, AARP was helping Americans 50+ explore real possibilities in Florida. Fifty-six years later, AARP is still in Florida offering programs and services designed to help people explore and achieve …

AARP Florida Working towards Safer Streets for Pedestrians

Posted on 05/22/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

When asked to imagine a traffic accident, most Americans imagine two cars colliding instead of a pedestrian and a vehicle. This lack of consideration for walkers is causing pedestrian fatalities to increase while overall traffic fatalities decrease. Nationally, in 2012, pedestrians accounted for 14 percent of all traffic deaths, up six percent from 2011. This is a particularly important issue in Florida because our state is home to the top four most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians. According to “Dangerous …

AARP Volunteer Leader Joins the Tuskegee Airmen

Posted on 03/6/2014 by | AARP Florida | Comments

AARP Executive Council member Ken Thomas is giving back to the community and fulfilling a lifelong dream through his active membership in the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. The local chapter, located in Miami, is based on honoring the accomplishments of the first African-Americans who participated in the Army Air Corps during World War II. These Airmen were not only the first Black military aviators to fly for America; they were also one of the most successful escorting fighter groups in the …