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Noemi Garcia


Noemi Garcia is one of the Associate State Directors of Communications in the AARP Virgin Islands State Office. She is also the Staff Lead of Community Outreach and Diversity.

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AARP Virgin Islands Partners with VI SHIP on Medicare Training Program

Posted on 07/1/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

St. Croix Virgin Islands seniors on Medicare will soon have a volunteer body of trained Medicare/Medicaid counselors to help them navigate the ever-growing maze of Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance options and issues. St. Croix Volunteers began classes under the tutelage of the Virgin Islands State Health Insurance Program (VISHIP). The new Counselors began their training in late May and completed their intensive training program in late June. When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law on July 30, …

St. Croix Hospital Re-Establishes Patient-Family Council

Posted on 07/1/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

  AARP VI State Director, Denyce E. Singleton, joined twenty (20) St. Croix community members and Dr. Kendall Griffith, Interim Chief Executive Officer for the Juan F. Luis Hospital, to serve as a Patient-Family Council (PFC) Ambassador for the hospital’s newly re-established volunteer group focusing on improvement to all hospital programs and services. The Council’s goal, according to Dr. Griffith is to serve as a positive catalyst between the hospital’s patients, their family and the community by ensuring that the …

AARP Islas Vírgenes continúa presionando para la implementación del Programa de Visitabilidad

Posted on 06/12/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

English ¡La espera ha terminado! Propietarios en las Islas Vírgenes ahora pueden participar en el programa que AARP y sus socios de la Coalición de Visitabilidad trabajaron con tanto esfuerzo para hacer disponible. En el 2011, la Coalición de Visitabilidad se emocionó cuando el gobernador John P. De Jongh firmó la Ley de 7320, la Ley de Diseño e Incentivos de las Islas Vírgenes, la cual abrió la puerta para permitir que los hogares pudiesen ser estructuralmente diseñados o reacondicionados …

AARP Islas Vírgenes contribuye al Intercambio de Información de Salud

Posted on 05/15/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

English Después de cuatro años de cooperación en todo el territorio, el Departamento de Salud de las Islas Vírgenes ha terminado su labor de organización y puesto en marcha una red de intercambio de información de salud – Health Information Exchange (HIE) que permitirá a todos los proveedores de salud en las Islas Vírgenes compartir con rapidez y de forma segura los registros médicos electrónicos. “Hace cuatro años,” declaró Denyce Singleton, directora estatal de AARP Islas Vírgenes, “AARP VI fue …

St. Thomas Retirees Advocate for Return of Inappropriately Withheld Retirement Contribution

Posted on 05/9/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Government of the Virgin Islands retirees, also known on the island of St. Thomas as Government Retirees United for Fairness (GRUFF) saw their advocacy work pay off on March 17, 2014 when Governor John DeJongh signed Act 7585 into law. The retirees had organized themselves late in 2013 to develop a strategy to advocate for the return of a retirement contribution incorrectly withheld from a retroactive salary payment. In February 2014 the St. Thomas based group hired an attorney to …

Loneliness, Does More than Just Make You Sad

Posted on 04/24/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Each of us has experienced the feeling of being alone at some time or another. However, loneliness is the prolonged state of feeling all the negative sensations that go along with the feeling of being persistently alone. Ironically, many people who feel loneliness aren’t actually alone. Instead even though they may be in a crowd, they have allowed themselves to develop the belief that they are social outcasts or losers and that’s why they feel alone. A recent six-year study …