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Noemi Garcia


Noemi Garcia is one of the Associate State Directors of Communications in the AARP Virgin Islands State Office. She is also the Staff Lead of Community Outreach and Diversity.

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WAPA Management Seeks OK from Board on Plan to Reduce LEAC

Posted on 01/14/2015 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

At an emergency meeting with its Board of Directors, VI Water and Power Authority (WAPA) Executive Director Hugo Hodge, introduced a plan to take advantage of the dropping cost of propane and other fuels. The plan requested permission to re-institute its former “Hedge Program” with a few modifications. Hodge justified the request saying that “Taking advantage in the drop of propane prices will give ratepayers significant cost savings.” Traditional hedge programs allow a utility to take advantage of price drops …

Real Pads Aren’t Just for Seniors

Posted on 12/30/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

When AARP launched its RealPads earlier this year its designers envisioned the tablet to be something that would appeal to seniors because they would find it easy to understand, easy to use and enjoyable. Ironically, seniors are not the only group who finds those technical characteristics to be very important when selecting a tablet. The Rotary Club of St. Thomas Sunrise sought to partner with AARP VI because they were seeking just those technical specifications. The Rotary Club identified the …

Fraud Watch – It’s Everybody’s Business

Posted on 12/30/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

AARP VI feels that no one should ever be the victim of a fraud or scam. But to make sure that the right people are aware of what is going on in our community, we need the assistance, eyes and ears of all AARP members. If you get an unusual phone call, for instance, where the caller asks you to immediately pay them money over the phone or face some unusual sort of risk; the AARP Fraud Watch Network needs …

AARP shares letter on Tibbar Energy Proposal

Posted on 12/3/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Magdalene Morancie, Acting Director Department of Planning and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Protection 45 Estate Mars Hill, Frederiksted VI 00840 Via E-mail: November 25th, 2014 Dear Director Morancie: AARP Virgin Islands is concerned about the petition currently before the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (“DPNR”). According to the Petition, the applicant Tibbar Energy intends to drill 22 water wells on St. Croix so that they may appropriate over 520,000 gallons of groundwater per day for …

AARP Virgin Islands 2014 Voter Guide is Available Online

Posted on 10/20/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Elected leaders are important resources in a community. These individuals hold a great deal of responsibility for the health, welfare and prosperity of their community. Their leadership and foresight are critical toward the success or failure of all of us. Voters, on the other hand have a responsibility and a duty to learn as much as they can about the individuals who have come forward to serve the community. Only by getting familiar with each candidate can the voters truly …

AARP VI Member Appointed to St. Croix Hospital Board

Posted on 09/5/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Two St. Croix residents: Kimberly Jones and Troy deChabert-Schuster, who were recently nominated by Governor John P. DeJongh to serve on the Governor Juan F. Luis (JFL) Hospital Board have sailed through a Rules and Judiciary Legislative confirmation hearing in early August. Their confirmation to the Board will give the hospital the ability to conduct its own business. The hospital lost that ability last year due to some political controversies that resulted in unexpected resignations. The Board, by law, has …