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Noemi Garcia


Noemi Garcia is one of the Associate State Directors of Communications in the AARP Virgin Islands State Office. She is also the Staff Lead of Community Outreach and Diversity.

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AARP shares letter on Tibbar Energy Proposal

Posted on 12/3/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Magdalene Morancie, Acting Director Department of Planning and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Protection 45 Estate Mars Hill, Frederiksted VI 00840 Via E-mail: November 25th, 2014 Dear Director Morancie: AARP Virgin Islands is concerned about the petition currently before the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources (“DPNR”). According to the Petition, the applicant Tibbar Energy intends to drill 22 water wells on St. Croix so that they may appropriate over 520,000 gallons of groundwater per day for …

AARP Virgin Islands 2014 Voter Guide is Available Online

Posted on 10/20/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Elected leaders are important resources in a community. These individuals hold a great deal of responsibility for the health, welfare and prosperity of their community. Their leadership and foresight are critical toward the success or failure of all of us. Voters, on the other hand have a responsibility and a duty to learn as much as they can about the individuals who have come forward to serve the community. Only by getting familiar with each candidate can the voters truly …

AARP VI Member Appointed to St. Croix Hospital Board

Posted on 09/5/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

Two St. Croix residents: Kimberly Jones and Troy deChabert-Schuster, who were recently nominated by Governor John P. DeJongh to serve on the Governor Juan F. Luis (JFL) Hospital Board have sailed through a Rules and Judiciary Legislative confirmation hearing in early August. Their confirmation to the Board will give the hospital the ability to conduct its own business. The hospital lost that ability last year due to some political controversies that resulted in unexpected resignations. The Board, by law, has …

VI Residents Ready for the General Election

Posted on 08/8/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

VI residents are participating in training sessions aimed at readying them for the new challenges that will await them at the polls this year.  Along with a long list of candidates to select from, voters will also face both new equipment and a new method for voting. Realizing how daunting this new challenge may be for older voters, AARP-VI has been conducting voting machine demonstrations in conjunction with the VI Board of Elections to help familiarize voters with the changes …

Jubilados en St. Thomas abogan por devolución de contribución de retiro retenidos inapropiadamente

Posted on 08/6/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

English Jubilados del Gobierno de las Islas Vírgenes, también conocidos en la isla de St. Thomas como GRUFF – Government Retirees United for Fairness o Jubilados del Gobierno Unidos para la Equidad, vio a su labor dar fruto el 17 de marzo del 2014 cuando el gobernador John DeJongh firmó el proyecto de ley 7585 a ley. Los jubilados se habían organizado a finales del 2013 para desarrollar una estrategia para abogar por el regreso de un aporte jubilatorio retenido …

Virgin Islanders Want to Know

Posted on 07/25/2014 by | AARP Virgin Islands | Comments

This election season, Virgin Islanders have an exciting new, election option which they have never had before. This year voters can ask questions directly aimed at a particular candidate or group of candidates running for a particular office, via social media with AARP VI’s new VIW2K or Virgin Islanders Want to Know campaign. AARP VI notified all candidates whose address was on file with the Board of Elections that the social media project would be underway during the election season …