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I am the Communications/Media Relations Director for AARP Oregon. I joined the team in 2011 having come from the East Coast's AARP National Office in Washington, DC. I have worked for the AARP Andrus Foundation, AARP Foundation and AARP's Integrated Communications Division.

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Comfortably Uncomfortable by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity

Posted on 04/15/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

COMFORTABLY UNCOMFORTABLE by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity “Why do you stay there?” she asked me. I was winding up a telephone conversation with Martha, a long ago student and long time friend. She was in her condo in Seattle, I was in my room in my assisted living facility in Oregon. I had been complaining about living in an ALF, and griping about happenings in this one, particularly. “If it’s uncomfortable living there, why not leave?” Without …

What’s A HIPAA by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity

Posted on 04/1/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

WHAT’S A HIPAA by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity Frank sits across from me at the same dining table of our ALF. Five others sit with us.  They exhibit varying degrees of the debilitation that visits – and stays awhile – old people like us. Three are in wheelchairs – I’m one of them.  One is nursing-home-fragile. Three are on-the-road Alzheimer’s. But Frank has always seemed “hale and hearty”; cognitive and articulate, although he wears hearing aids – …

Oregonians and Hunger: An AARP Opportunity to Learn

Posted on 04/1/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

by Elaine Friesen-Strang As the afternoon starts to fade, many of us begin to mull over our daily dilemma: what to make for dinner. Are there leftovers from the night before?  What do we have in the frig?  Should we go to the store and let inspiration strike or maybe pick up Thai?  It’s easy to take for granted our abundance of options, yet it’s a luxury of choice a surprising number of Oregonians don’t have. In 2011, the AARP …

The Strider and the Sitter, by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity

Posted on 03/15/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

THE STRIDER AND THE SITTER – by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity He strides slowly now. He’s older.  That’s what we do in an ALF: grow older, more fragile, and wait. . .  . . But not Ebanisto. When I first saw him, as I gazed out the window while typing at the keyboard of my word processor, he walked buoyantly, as if there was no time to spare, to get to his destination.  His head bobbed, his …

Scam Jam Eugene Scheduled for April 27th at the Hult Center

Posted on 03/11/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

Consumers reported losing $1.7 billion to scams and frauds in 2014, according to an annual review released by the Federal Trade Commission. That figure is likely a fraction of actual losses, since many people never report their victimization. For the 15th consecutive year, identity theft was the top complaint in the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, accounting for 13 percent of the total 2.5 million filed complaints. That’s the same percentage as in 2013, but with more people reporting last year, the federal watchdog logged more …

Do You Know the A, B, C, & Ds of Medicare?

Posted on 03/6/2015 by | AARP Oregon | Comments

Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare benefits. Many newly eligible older adults will make enrollment mistakes and experience gaps in coverage; or even pay a lifetime of penalties. Medicare has very specific requirements, including deadlines that must be adhered to in order to receive the benefits that are expected. Oregon SHIBA counselors receive calls daily from Medicare consumers who are faced with costly penalties or disruptions in service due to lack of understanding the …