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House Bill Will Protect Landline Phone Service in Rural Markets

Posted on 08/24/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

AARP Pennsylvania today testified at a hearing of the PA House of Representatives Consumer Affairs Committee to support HB 1417, that will protect landline telephone service for consumers in the state’s rural communities by extending funding for the Universal Service Fund until the end of 2021. HB 1417 extends the Universal Service Fund until the end of 2021 and requires a Public Utility Commission investigation of how the Fund should function in the future. AARP believes this offers the right …

On 80th Birthday Social Security Remains Key to Retirement and Living Independently, According to New AARP Survey

Posted on 08/17/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

AARP released results of a new survey to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Social Security on August 14. Americans of all ages continue to have strong feelings of support for Social Security, and the survey found several key themes. According to the national survey of adults, Social Security remains a core part of retirement security, and remains popular across generations and political ideologies. Americans want to live independently, but face challenges around saving for retirement that underscore the importance of …

Protect Yourself from Being Overcharged at the Grocery Store

Posted on 07/27/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

Questions about accurate pricing at the supermarket recently made national headlines when the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found Whole Foods stores were systematically overcharging consumers for pre-packaged foods. In more than 80 cases ranging from grab-n-go sandwiches and salads to packaged lunch meat, the items were short the labeled weight. Pennsylvania is particularly vulnerable to a similar consumer deception according to Mary Bach, noted consumer advocate and chair of the AARP Pennsylvania Consumer Issues Task Force. Bach …

Walkability Workshop Proposes Improvements to Busy Pittsburgh Intersection

Posted on 07/22/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

Making one of downtown Pittsburgh’s most dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians was the focus of a recent workshop featuring AARP experts, city officials and urban planning leaders. Located in Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle, the intersection of Penn Ave., Liberty Ave. and Stanwix St. has long been considered particularly dangerous for pedestrians. The busy intersection brings several streets to a point, which causes confusion with both drivers and pedestrians. To address the issue, AARP and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership sponsored a two …

Beware Imposter Scams Targeting Grandparents

Posted on 07/9/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

AARP Pennsylvania is warning consumers about reports of active imposter scams across Pennsylvania that target grandparents and are designed to steal money or personal information. Here’s how it works: You receive a call, usually late at night, from someone pretending to be your grandson or granddaughter. They tell you they’re in trouble and need you to wire them money immediately. The caller also may pose as an attorney or law enforcement official contacting you on behalf of a friend or …

AARP Applauds State House Approval of CARE Act

Posted on 07/1/2015 by | AARP Pennsylvania | Comments

AARP Applauds State House Approval of CARE Act AARP Pennsylvania praised members of the state House of Representatives for last night approving the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act that will help residents caring for an aging parent or loved one at home. “Most seniors who receive assistance at home rely exclusively on unpaid family caregivers for help,” said AARP Pennsylvania State Director Bill Johnston-Walsh. “The CARE Act will provide much-needed support to the more than 2.7 million Pennsylvanians currently …