Thinking About Retirement Can Be Stressful

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Money & Work By Carl Erickson, AARP Arizona State President Retirement. Young people dream about it and build careers based on it. They start saving from the time they receive their very first paycheck. But for today’s baby boomers who are closing in on their golden years, retirement can be stressful. In the past, companies offered pensions which appeared much more stable than today’s 401K plans. Moreover, many of those dreaming about retirement anticipated having Social Security to aid in living expenses come …

Community Educators Adding Dangers of Fraud

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Money & Work AARP Arizona’s popular Community Educators Program has added the dangers of fraud as one of its topics for this year. Established in 2011, the program uses trained volunteers to make presentations on issues such as Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. The program has grown significantly since the first presentation. More than 10,000 people attended the free sessions last year, said David Parra, AARP Arizona director of community outreach. He expects to add 10 bilingual volunteer presenters to …

New AARP Report Profiles Most Likely Arizona Victims of Online Fraud

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Money & Work A new AARP study identifies an online victim profile based on 15 key behaviors and life experiences that increase a person’s vulnerability to online fraud. The report, “Caught in the Scammer’s Net,” surveyed over 11,000 people nationally and 962 in Arizona. According to the survey, over 818,000 Internet users in Arizona may be at increased risk of being victimized based on this new profile. The national study, which compared victims and non-victims, finds that it is the combination of online …

You Can Help Stop Scammers

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Money & Work By Miriam Davidson When an invitation arrived for author and essayist Nancy Mairs to lecture at King’s College London, she was pleased and excited. “I wanted it to be true,” said Mairs, 70, of Tucson. A near-quadriplegic from advanced multiple sclerosis, she examines disability and faith in her writings. Mairs and her husband, George, 73, exchanged several emails and phone calls with a “visiting professor” arranging a conference on “The Mystery of Life and Death.” The professor said the trip …


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Money & Work That’s how many Arizonans were kept out of poverty by Social Security income each year, on average, from 2010 to 2012, according to an AARP Public Policy Institute report. Of those, almost 300,000 were 65 or older. Nationally, Social Security kept more than 22 million people out of poverty; over 15 million were 65-plus.

AARP Foundation Back to Work 50+ Expands, Maricopa and Pima Community Colleges Among Those Offering Initiative

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Money & Work With alarming statistics on the number of older unemployed Americans seeking work in mind, AARP Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of its BACK TO WORK 50+ initiative through a new collaboration with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and with generous support from Walmart Foundation. BACK TO WORK 50+ is dedicated to moving low income, unemployed men and women age 50+ from instability to stability by increasing their income through employment in good jobs in their communities. …