Wichita Grandparents Park is Featured as a Program with a Purpose by Milken Institute

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Home & Family Note:  Three Kansas cities made the list of Best Cities for Successful Aging.  In the large metros category, Wichita ranks 27th Best City, and in the smaller metros category, Lawrence ranks 30th and Topeka ranks 60th.  Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer signed the mayor’s pledge to make his city work better for older adults.  You can check it out at the link below.  In addition, the Wichita Grandparents Park, a collaboration between AARP Kansas, the City of Wichita, the Central Plains …

Fighting for Issues That Matter to People Age 50+

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Home & Family In the legislative session that begins Jan. 12, AARP Kansas will support measures that could relieve stress on family caregivers, improve health care coverage for the uninsured, keep utilities affordable and improve access to dental care in rural areas. A key priority is legislation designed to reduce hospital readmissions by improving communication between hospital staff and caregivers about the patient’s followup needs. AARP Kansas is seeking volunteers to serve on its Capitol City Task Force and work on these issues. …

Proposed Bill Would Help Families Provide Followup Care

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Home & Family AARP Kansas is urging state lawmakers to pass legislation in 2015 that could reduce hospital readmissions by improving communication between medical staff and caregivers. Known as the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act, the measure would require hospitals to ask each patient to designate a caregiver, notify the caregiver when the patient is moved or discharged, and teach the caregiver how to perform follow-up procedures before the patient goes home. More than 400,000 Kansans are family caregivers, a 2011 AARP …

Celebrity Chef Returns to Kansas for Healthy Cooking Class

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Home & Family What do you get when you put 30 cooks in a kitchen with a celebrity chef? As one of those cooks said, “Chaos – but I love it!” AARP Kansas, along with our partner, the Kansas African American Affairs Commission, brought 30 African American/Black women together one Saturday morning in Wichita to learn from Celebrity Chef Rock Harper (of Hell’s Kitchen fame) how to make a quick and fairly easy meal in a way that’s healthy but still tastes good. …

Happy Anniversary Grandparents Park!

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Home & Family   On July 20, 2013, the first Grandparents Park in Kansas was dedicated.  Located in the Tri-S Neighborhood in the south part of Wichita, it’s a great place for residents of all ages to play, exercise, and relax.  Be sure to watch this video of the opening celebration. For information on how the Grandparents Park came to be, visit the AARP Livable Communities website.

Black Hills Requests Rate Increase for Natural Gas Customers in Kansas

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Home & Family   Customers of Black Hills Energy may soon be paying a higher monthly bill for their natural gas.  Black Hills is asking the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) to approve a rate increase that would up customers bills by $4.17 per month. “To some, that may not seem like a lot, but for those on fixed incomes like thousands of older Kansans, it can mean that they won’t be able to afford necessary food or medicine,” says AARP Kansas Director Maren …