AARP NC recognizes volunteers and partners

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Advocacy To express heartfelt gratitude to the volunteer leaders and organizations who are working to support AARP’s vision and mission, AARP North Carolina’s staff and Executive Council held a special awards ceremony in July. AARP President Bob Palombo, who helped present the awards, praised the recipients as “outstanding volunteers and organizations who are helping improve North Carolina communities and the lives of the 50+ population.” Helen Mack, who generously volunteers her time and expertise to serve AARP and the aging community …

Let’s not turn our backs on the needs of NC family caregivers

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Advocacy By Mary Bethel, Associate State Director for Advocacy, AARP North Carolina Family members provide 80% of the assistance to their relatives who are in need of care. They are literally the backbone of our state’s long-term care system. Studies vary in estimating the number of family caregivers in North Carolina caring for older and disabled family members. Regardless of the data source, it is apparent that a large percentage of our state’s citizens are unpaid family caregivers. According to AARP, …

Two new twists in returning medical scam

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Advocacy Posted on 06/19/2014 by Sid Kirchheimer |AARP Blog Author Remember those bogus offers for a free medical alert device? That robocall ripoff, which went viral last year, has returned with a vengeance — with two new twists. But don’t be fooled. It’s the same old scam that tries to get your credit or bank account information for supposed monitoring fees for the “free” device that never arrives. Provide that info and you risk identity theft. The latest twists: Some robocalls now …

Race for the Cure and Caregiving Support

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Advocacy Join us this week when “Real Life” explores family caregiving, the “Race for the Cure,” and an update on home and community-based care funding in North Carolina.  Guest Regina Brooks, of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services knows the challenges of balancing work and providing care to loved ones. She tells her personal story of being a caregiver. Also this week, learn more about “Race for the Cure,” and what people are doing to draw attention to important …

How Medicaid and Home and Community Care Block Grant Cuts Hurt Real People

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Advocacy This week’s Real Life Radio focuses on real people and how proposed state budget cuts would devastate family caregivers, the aged, people with disabilities and the blind. Learn more about the Senate’s harmful budget proposal how you can stand up by contacting your elected leaders. If you or someone you are caring for will be impacted, we need to hear from you! Share your story on Soapbox at

Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and Family Caregivers Urge General Assembly to Reject Senate Budget Cuts to Medicaid and Home and Community Care Block Grant Funding

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Advocacy RALEIGH — Hundreds of advocates and people served by long-term care support services urged their North Carolina elected leaders to reject harmful budget cuts to programs that help older adults and persons with disabilities and family caregivers. AARP Associate State Director Mary Bethel said, “AARP is standing up with nearly 30 organizations today because we believe that seniors and those with disabilities matter. Cuts to Medicaid and the Home and Community Care Block Grant proposed in the Senate budget would …