Help for Greensboro’s uninsured

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Health & Wellbeing How is Guilford County responding to the needs of the uninsured? A partnership between Carter Behavioral Health and the Guilford County Department of Public Health has been helping limited-income residents of the county access the health care they need. This week on Real Life Radio, meet Ron Carter, COO of Carter’s Circle of Life Health Center in Greensboro and learn more about the wide range of health services they are offering residents of the county. Listen here on on air …

Aging does not discriminate

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Health & Wellbeing “What we do for one, we do for all,” were the words of AARP’s founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus. AARP is inclusive in its policy positions and advocacy programs and promotes fair taxes, health care, employment, long-term care and retirement income for the LGBT community. Learn more what AARP can do for you. Find resources, news, and other topics of interest to older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, their family and friends on AARP’s Pride Channel.   Reprint from …

Race for the Cure and Caregiving Support

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Health & Wellbeing Join us this week when “Real Life” explores family caregiving, the “Race for the Cure,” and an update on home and community-based care funding in North Carolina.  Guest Regina Brooks, of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services knows the challenges of balancing work and providing care to loved ones. She tells her personal story of being a caregiver. Also this week, learn more about “Race for the Cure,” and what people are doing to draw attention to important …

How Medicaid and Home and Community Care Block Grant Cuts Hurt Real People

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Health & Wellbeing This week’s Real Life Radio focuses on real people and how proposed state budget cuts would devastate family caregivers, the aged, people with disabilities and the blind. Learn more about the Senate’s harmful budget proposal how you can stand up by contacting your elected leaders. If you or someone you are caring for will be impacted, we need to hear from you! Share your story on Soapbox at

Funds for Family Caregivers, the Blind and Disabled on NC Senate Chopping Block

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Health & Wellbeing RALEIGH — AARP North Carolina has serious concerns about the state Senate budget proposal that reduces funding for key services that help the needy, support older adults who want to stay in their homes as well as support their family caregivers.  A proposed $969,549 reduction* from the Home and Community Care Block Grant will result in cuts to services that already have waiting lists of over 16,000 people for services including home-delivered meals and in home aide. AARP North Carolina …

Information for Caregivers — on AARP’s “Real Life”

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Health & Wellbeing This week on “Real Life” radio, you can hear about AARP’s efforts to provide African-American women with information and resources to help with family caregiving. Need a respite from caregiving? Learn about the upcoming, “The Gathering:  A Day of Well-Being, Mind, Body and Spirit,”  a day filled with personal development, enlightenment and networking being held in Raleigh, on Saturday, May 17th. Listen to AARP’s “Real Life” by clicking the link below or on the Real Life Radio Network.