2015 South Carolina State Legislative Priorities

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Health & Wellbeing FAMILY CAREGIVERS More than 777,000 caregivers provide vital services to their loved ones. If caregivers can no longer provide the care needed, loved ones may need institutional care. As a result, the state could be left holding the tab because Medicaid pays for a majority of nursing home beds. Last year the Legislature approved $2 million in one-time funding for respite vouchers for family caregivers. Respite vouchers for caregivers allow the caregiver to take a break from their duties. Informal …

Aging Research Day Links

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Health & Wellbeing Here are the links referenced during Aging Research Day, January 24 by Susan C. Reinhard, RN, PhD – Sr. Vice President for Public Policy, Director, AARP Public Policy Institute Chief Strategist, Center to Champion Nursing in America. Long Term Care Scorecard Home Alone

2014 South Carolina State Legislative Priorities

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Health & Wellbeing HOME AND COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES–Improve funding for key home and community- based long-term care programs that help seniors stay in their homes and remain independent. South Carolina ranked 4th in the nation for the most seniors 60 and older at risk of hunger.  Now we must fight for Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell’s request for $4.7 million so that older folks will not go hungry or miss their doctor’s appointments. LONG TERM CARE OMBUDSMEN – The South Carolina Omnibus Adult Protection Act …

Investigating Complaints of Elder Abuse

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Health & Wellbeing People in long-term care are often frail and may be at risk of abuse or exploitation. That’s why Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell (R) is seeking more money to protect them. In a move backed by AARP South Carolina, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging is asking for about $200,000 in the 2015 budget to fund four ombudsmen in parts of the state where such positions previously were eliminated because of budget cuts. Ombudsmen listen to complaints from residents and their …

The Cost of Saying No to Medicaid

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Health & Wellbeing By Holly Fisher Susan Rogers, 59, has high blood pressure, diabetes and other medical conditions. Her back problems made it difficult to sit all day at her full-time medical records job, and she lost it last year. Rogers was eventually approved for Social Security disability but doesn’t have enough money to buy a private health insurance plan. And she won’t be eligible for Medicare disability coverage until next November. “In the meantime, I’m playing Russian roulette with my health,” she …

Rx Checkup: Time to Assess If Your Needs Have Changed

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Health & Wellbeing Medicare users have until Dec. 7 to sign up for or switch Part D prescription drug plans. South Carolina is home to about 821,000 Medicare beneficiaries, and nearly 330,000 of them participate in Part D plans. Drugs covered by each plan may change from year to year, however—and with changes in health, a person’s needs for certain medications could change as well. AARP South Carolina encourages members on Medicare to consider their prescription drug needs for 2014 and assess whether …