Helping Hands: Current Volunteer Opportunities

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About AARP     Did you know that we have more volunteers working with AARP in Tennessee than in any state except New York?  Wow, this truly is the Volunteer State! Members and friends are working with us statewide to make our communities more livable for people of all ages, provide resources for folks caring for loved ones and raise awareness about fraud and scams.  Below, you’ll find even more ways to help! CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES   Congressional District Leaders We are looking for folks …

CONSUMER CORNER: Travel Scams- Alan Marx

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About AARP TRAVEL TIPS, AND I GET SCAMMED You have to pay when you travel, but scams travel for free. What works for a con artist in one part of the world can easily jump borders and reappear any place else in a matter of minutes. Today’s blog will focus on travel scams. My reason for choosing this topic is that I fell for one of these cons recently. I am writing with the hope that if you know what could be …


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About AARP 2015 Discounts – Brought to you by your AARP Tennessee State Office: Bays Mountain, Kingsport – FREE park admission all season! McClung Museum, Knoxville – FREE museum admission University of Tennessee, Vols Sports – discounted tickets for select basketball games: Purchase tickets online here using the promotion code “VOLS14” or by phone at 865-656-1200 (tell the operator you are an AARP member). Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the event.  Check out our Vols page for …

CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER: Love is Noble, Control Is Not (or Take Your Hands off the Wheelchair) by Peter W. Rosenberger

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About AARP   One of the more challenging aspects of helping a caregiver is “prying the hands off the wheelchair.” So wrapped up in the needs of their loved one, I’ve seen (and been one of) countless numbers of caregivers who valiantly but vainly try and contain that which cannot be contained. The thinking is often: “If I don’t stay glued to the situation, it will spin out of control.” “If someone else tries to help, they will make mistakes that I …

Count Me In! New Volunteer Orientation – March 12

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About AARP Find out what’s happening with AARP in Tennessee and how you can get involved at our first volunteer orientation of the year! March 12, 2014 from 10 am to 12 noon at the Tennessee State Office in Nashville, or participate by phone. Light refreshments and a refreshing interactive session will be offered. RSVP required due to parking the preparations required by our parking garage. RSVP to    

Consumer Fraud: A Pandora’s Box of Troubles

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About AARP   A Pandora’s Box of Troubles In Greek mythology, Pandora was warned not to open a box, but she disobeyed and opened it anyway.  The box contained disease, sickness, hate, envy, and bad things people had never before experienced. Pandora tried to close the lid, but all the bad things were already out of the box and into the world. Consumer fraud was not mentioned, but it might well have come from the box.  This month we have a collection …