CONSUMER CORNER: How to Complain Effectively – By Alan Marx

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Money & Work     COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS Today we will focus on the first type of complaint, typically to a company or an individual who has not met your expectations for a product or a service. The internet provides many resources that can assist you in stating your case, and those websites are easy to find. Just put the words “How to complain effectively” into your browser, and you will find more websites than you can use. Many of them deal with …

Walgreens 20% Discounts every First Tuesday

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Fraud Watch: Protect Yourself from Scams

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Money & Work By Sheila Burke When Nell Tays got a phone call telling her she had won $18.5 million in a drawing, all she could think about, she said, was helping her 2-year-old granddaughter get surgery to repair a cleft palate. But the 76-year-old Murfreesboro resident was told she would have to pay $55,000 upfront to avoid paying taxes on the winnings. So Tays, who retired from the University of Tennessee after spending 12 years helping small businesses get federal contracts, paid …

CONSUMER CORNER: Cramming, Scamming, and Spamming – Variations on a Theme by Alan L. Marx

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Money & Work Sometimes it takes a long time before dictionaries add a new meaning for a word.  “Cramming” is a term used by     consumer protection agencies, and it is well understood by the perpetrators of consumer fraud.  To find the general concept of the word, you can look to a web site such as the one of the Federal Communication Commission, which says: “Cramming” is the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on your telephone bill. Crammers rely on confusing telephone …

Consumer Fraud: A Pandora’s Box of Troubles

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Money & Work   A Pandora’s Box of Troubles In Greek mythology, Pandora was warned not to open a box, but she disobeyed and opened it anyway.  The box contained disease, sickness, hate, envy, and bad things people had never before experienced. Pandora tried to close the lid, but all the bad things were already out of the box and into the world. Consumer fraud was not mentioned, but it might well have come from the box.  This month we have a collection …

Lots of Roles for Volunteers During Tax Season

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Money & Work By Bill Sanders Dave Clark is an exception to many Americans’ attitude about the IRS 1040 form: He looks forward to tax season. Clark, 66, of Crossville, is one of about 400 Tennessee residents who volunteer with AARP Foundation Tax-Aide. Going on 10 years volunteering with Tax-Aide, the retired Air Force officer and real estate agent finds it rewarding to share his expertise in tax preparation with others who can use his help. Tax-Aide organizers in Tennessee hope to add …