CONSUMER CORNER: Cash Advances & Payday Loans ~ By Alan Marx

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Money & Work UNDERSTANDING CASH ADVANCES & PAYDAY LOANS If you live anywhere in Tennessee, you are likely to walk or drive past stores that offer short-term loans.  These loans are known by many different names, including cash advances, check advances, post-dated check loans, and deferred deposit loans, but they all offer small, short-term, high-rate loans at a very high price.  As described by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), typically the borrower gives the lender a personal check for the loan amount, plus …

Health Care Issues May Dominate Legislature

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Money & Work By Hollie Deese About two years ago, John Mansfield’s mother, Janie, went from mowing the lawn of her four-acre property with just a gasoline push mower to requiring daily check-ins from a neighbor to make sure she was eating fresh meals and not getting confused and hoarding them. “She started mentally to go downhill—dementia and probably the early signs of Alzheimer’s,” Mans­field said. “She just wasn’t eating or taking care of herself…. At that point, she was in really bad …

CONSUMER CORNER: Travel Scams- Alan Marx

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Money & Work TRAVEL TIPS, AND I GET SCAMMED You have to pay when you travel, but scams travel for free. What works for a con artist in one part of the world can easily jump borders and reappear any place else in a matter of minutes. Today’s blog will focus on travel scams. My reason for choosing this topic is that I fell for one of these cons recently. I am writing with the hope that if you know what could be …

Ready for Retirement: Tools to Achieve Peace of Mind

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Money & Work From our October 7 telephone town hall with volunteer Donna Dean, below are Ten Steps to help YOU Get Ready for Retirement as well as the other resources discussed on the call. 1. Define Your Retirement 2. Take Stock of Your “Assets” 3. Evaluate Your Health — Now 4. Determine When to Collect Social Security (Here’s a hint: Later Is Better!)- 5.  Network through Social Media and Other Methods 6. Decide How Much You Want (or Need) to Work- 7. Create a Retirement Budget- 8. Find …

CONSUMER CORNER: How to Complain Effectively – By Alan Marx

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Money & Work     COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS Today we will focus on the first type of complaint, typically to a company or an individual who has not met your expectations for a product or a service. The internet provides many resources that can assist you in stating your case, and those websites are easy to find. Just put the words “How to complain effectively” into your browser, and you will find more websites than you can use. Many of them deal with …

Walgreens 20% Discounts every First Tuesday

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