CONSUMER CORNER: How to Complain Effectively – By Alan Marx

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Home & Family | Money & Work | Tennessee     COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS Today we will focus on the first type of complaint, typically to a company or an individual who has not met your expectations for a product or a service. The internet provides many resources that can assist you in stating your case, and those websites are easy to find. Just put the words “How to complain effectively” into your browser, and you will find more websites than you can use. Many of them deal with …

Life Reimagined Helps You Examine Goals, Options

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Health & Wellbeing | Home & Family | Tennessee | Volunteering By Hollie Deese When Zif Berry, a retired Texas school administrator, lost her husband 3½ years ago, she knew she needed a change. Suddenly, her days were quiet and her beloved home near Austin was just too much to handle alone. “With all the maintenance and upkeep, it was not the right place for me anymore,” she said. With the assistance and approval of her family, she moved in with her daughter and grandchildren in Brentwood 15 months ago. “That …

Days of Service with Walgreens – In Stores Sept 7 – 20

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Events | Press | Tennessee     To date, Walgreens and AARP have raised more than 60K for food banks in Tennessee through their Day of Service partnership.

Walgreens 20% Discounts every First Tuesday

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Go Vols! AARP Partnership with University of Tennessee Continues

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Events | Local Resources | Press | Tennessee     To purchase discounted tickets for the Arkansas State Football game on September 6th at 12p, click here Enter promo code “VOLS14” to receive discounted tickets to the Arkansas State Football game. To order by phone, call 865-656-1200 and tell the operator you are an AARP member. The partnership will continue into the basketball season. Check back for ticketing information. Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the event.    

Nashville Symphony Loves AARP Members

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Events | Local Resources | Press | Tennessee      To purchase tickets, click HERE    To purchase tickets, click HERE