Single Payer Program for the VI

New Health Care Plan Being Proposed

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Home & Family In recent comments, the VI Legislature’s Health Committee Chair referenced an alternative single payer health insurance option for uninsured persons in the Virgin Islands. The single payer option was generated by a group of concerned citizens in response to the VI not having a health care exchange.  Their proposal, if passed by the Legislature, could mean health coverage for visits to doctors, clinics and hospitals for many people who have not had this opportunity. The 24-page draft bill, (the Virgin …

GESC March Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the March, Government Employees Service Commission (Health Insurance) Board Meeting

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Home & Family With only three months of data for the Virgin Islands government employees on their books, United Health Care (UHC) officials had some surprising news for members of the Government Employees Service Commission (GESC) at their March monthly meeting held on St. Croix. UHC became the supplemental insurance carrier in October 2013 when the Virgin Islands Government made the decision to separate the age 65+ members from the pre-65 group being serviced by CIGNA. UHC has also been doing business in …

Visitability Program comes to the VI

AARP VI Continues to Push for ‘Visitability Program’ Implementation

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Home & Family The wait is over! Virgin Islands homeowners can NOW participate in the program that AARP and its Visitability Coalition partners worked so hard to make available. In 2011 the Visitability Coalition was thrilled when Governor John P. DeJongh signed Act 7320, the Virgin Islands Visitable Design and Incentive Act, which opened the door to making homes structurally designed or refitted to accommodate persons in wheelchairs. But, passing the legislation was only phase one of the battle. Phase two involved working …

Remodel for Mobility and Save on Taxes, Too

Remodel for Mobility and Save on Taxes, Too

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Home & Family Virgin Islanders can get a tax break for improvements that make their homes more “visitable”—meaning more accessible to people with disabilities. A law backed by AARP offers a 20 percent reduction in property taxes for 10 years to homeowners who remodel their houses to accommodate people with mobility issues. To qualify, a home must have a no-rise entrance, a front door at least 36 inches wide and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom on the first floor. To apply, call the Division of Building …

Julie Lee

Four Things You Didn’t Learn in Driver’s Ed

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Home & Family By Julie E. Lee, Vice President and National Director of AARP Driver Safety in the Education & Outreach group Life on the road looks quite a bit different today than it did when most of us older drivers got our driver’s licenses. Formal driver’s education – or “driver’s ed” courses – first became available in the U.S. in the 1930s, and just as the rules of the road, automobiles and roadway infrastructure are constantly changing, so too are the safety …

Julie Lee

Do It Yourself Car Maintenance Tips

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Home & Family By Julie E. Lee, Vice President & National Director, AARP Driver Safety, Education and Outreach With the average age of cars on the road approaching 11 years, routine maintenance is more important than ever. In addition to fuel and insurance, vehicle maintenance is one of the most expensive out-of-pocket costs for car owners, which is why some drivers opt for DIY—“do-it-yourself”—maintenance. You may not be an auto expert or repair professional, but some routine tasks, such as replacing worn windshield …