AARP VI Members save on prescriptions in the VI

AARP Virgin Islands Residents Saved $1,597,091 on Prescription Drugs in 2013 Under the Affordable Care Act

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Health & Wellbeing | Money & Work | Virgin Islands CHRISTIANSTED, VI —The numbers are in, and they are impressive – Virgin Islands residents on Medicare saved $1,597,091 on their prescription drugs in 2013, thanks to the closing of the “donut hole” for prescriptions under the Affordable Care Act – or an average discount per beneficiary of $844.00. Nationally, 7.9 million people who are on Medicare have saved over $9.927 billion on prescription drugs under the Affordable Care Act and its provision closing the “donut hole,” the gap in Medicare …

Visitability Program comes to the VI

AARP VI Continues to Push for ‘Visitability Program’ Implementation

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Advocacy | Home & Family | Local Resources | Virgin Islands The wait is over! Virgin Islands homeowners can NOW participate in the program that AARP and its Visitability Coalition partners worked so hard to make available. In 2011 the Visitability Coalition was thrilled when Governor John P. DeJongh signed Act 7320, the Virgin Islands Visitable Design and Incentive Act, which opened the door to making homes structurally designed or refitted to accommodate persons in wheelchairs. But, passing the legislation was only phase one of the battle. Phase two involved working …

Volunteers at the Agricultural Fair in St. Croix, VI

What Do Volunteers Bring to AARP VI? A LOT!

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Virgin Islands | Volunteering Each year, residents of the Virgin Islands come together on the island of St. Croix to present one of the largest displays of agricultural products, livestock, arts, crafts and good food to the Caribbean. As the year’s largest event, the Agricultural and Food Fair (Ag Fair), draws thousands of fairgoers from all four US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the US, and many other island nations down the Caribbean island chain. For more than more than 25 …

GRUFF Group Wins Demand of Return of Funds

GRUFF Takes Its Demands to the VI Legislature and WINS!

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Money & Work | Virgin Islands Government Retirees United For Fairness (GRUFF) took the opportunity Monday evening to have one of its key issues heard before the VI Legislature where it received unanimous* approval for the return of the 8 percent removed from their retroactive checks. GRUFF, made up of retirees who were unsatisfied with how the government had handled a retroactive salary payment, began holding meetings last fall at Addelita Cancryn Junior High School. During their meetings they discussed several GERS-related issues, decided to hire …

Seniors May be Driving More at Night

VI Seniors May Soon be Able to Drive at Night Again

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Advocacy | Virgin Islands In a Legislative hearing held on March 4, 2014 Senators and concerned government agency heads debated the pros and cons of moving an additional 2 percent of money collected from territorial property taxes to help fund street lighting. The additional 2 percent will bring the total amount dedicated to pay for street lighting up to 6 percent or an estimated $6.3 million for 2014. The Water and Power Authority (WAPA), which provides the lighting, estimates the actual cost of annual …

Remodel for Mobility and Save on Taxes, Too

Remodel for Mobility and Save on Taxes, Too

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Home & Family | Money & Work | Virgin Islands Virgin Islanders can get a tax break for improvements that make their homes more “visitable”—meaning more accessible to people with disabilities. A law backed by AARP offers a 20 percent reduction in property taxes for 10 years to homeowners who remodel their houses to accommodate people with mobility issues. To qualify, a home must have a no-rise entrance, a front door at least 36 inches wide and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom on the first floor. To apply, call the Division of Building …