Answers to Your Questions

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Health & Wellbeing Many Americans face new worries as they age, such as how to pay for the medications they need or whether they can continue to live independently. West Virginians may find answers to such questions at The website lists medical equipment suppliers, pharmacies, hospitals, independent living and assisted living communities, nursing homes and hospice facilities. Users can search by ZIP code to find services close to home. West Virginia’s population is aging faster than the national average. Residents age 60-plus …


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Fighting to Restore Money for In-home Care

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Health & Wellbeing West Virginia is pressing to expand the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver Program, which helps state residents continue to live at home as they age, rather than moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility. About 9 in 10 older Americans want to stay at home as they age, AARP research shows, and in-home services usually are more cost-effective than institutional care. The program provides in-home services—such as help with bathing—for about 6,000 West Virginians. About an additional 2,000 …

Crackdown on Financial Abuse

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Health & Wellbeing A new state law will strengthen penalties for financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. AARP West Virginia pushed for the law, which will take effect June 8. It will make it a felony to swindle $1,000 or more from anyone who is 65 or older, incapacitated or under a court-issued protective order. It will prohibit guardians, conservators, trustees and people with power of attorney from using their position as a defense against financial abuse. The annual loss nationwide for victims of …

Free Organizer Available for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

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Health & Wellbeing In response to the challenges Alzheimer’s disease presents for patients and their caregivers, the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute has published “Connect to Care.” The notebook aims to help caregivers manage medical appointments, medications, insurance billing and other details. AARP West Virginia is helping to distribute free copies. An estimated 44,000 West Virginians had the disease in 2010, a number expected to increase by nearly 14 percent by 2025. The state has one of the oldest populations in the country as …

Free Home Energy Audits Help Reduce Heating Costs

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Health & Wellbeing Is money oozing out of your house? As winter approaches, customers of Appalachian Power can take advantage of free home energy audits that will alert them to wasted energy that costs them money. James Fawcett of Appalachian Power said auditors evaluate the home, make recommendations on energy-saving measures, provide information about rebates for insulation and heat pump tune-ups or replacements, install energy-efficient lightbulbs and faucet aerators, and provide brushes to clean refrigerator coils. To schedule an energy audit, call the …