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AARP Virginia State Office
707 East Main Street, Suite 910
Richmond, VA 23219
Toll-free: 1-866-542-8164 
Fax:  804-819-1923

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rspicer1 5pts

Any help with Social Security Disability?  I have a heart condition, damage and a bundle branch block.  I have had Angioplasty, roto-blade, by-pass (3), an ablation, I am on my 3rd pacemaker, there are 5 wires to it as one of the leads was taking so much voltage that it drained the battery in 3 years.  The 3 lead pacemaker I have now straightens out the wobble in my heart beat.  While this one is working my ejection fraction has improved, from 21% to 35% so the Commonwealth of VA thinks I'm responding to therapy and thereby am not disabled.

sannd1952 5pts

How do I connect with my local AARP chapter located near Halifax, VA?  I read an article in the Gazette-Virginia paper about recent activities in the area, but found no information to contact my nearest chapter to stay connected.  Mrs. Dunn, Member since 2000.