Life Reimagined logoAt AARP, “real possibilities” means that anything is possible and that age doesn’t define people. In fact, we believe that age and experience can expand—not limit—possibilities.

Perhaps you’re still working but looking to incorporate volunteer work into your life. Perhaps you’re retired but itching to do more and give back. Maybe you’ve always wanted to venture out on your own—in a business or personal sense—but haven’t had the courage or belief in yourself. Or perhaps you’re out of work and looking for new, much-needed employment, but in a completely different field.

AARP’s Life Reimagined program is like a personalized guidance system. You start where you are in your life, and— through a series of fun, simple exercises—see where the possibilities lead you. The program, called a ‘Check-Up,” includes six practices that guide you through making a change: Reflect, Connect, Explore, Choose, Repack, and Act. It’s fun, it’s contemplative, and it’s a great way to begin the process of discovering your “What’s Next?” moment or path.

The best thing about our Life Reimagined program is that you can do your own self-guided “Check-Up” online at Or, you can attend a Check-Up session in person in your community. To bring a Check-Up session to your community or place of business, simply call Lisa Masters, Outreach specialist for AARP Massachusetts, at 617-305-0564, or email her at We’ll also be announcing in the coming months Check-Up sessions that’ll be held in locations around the state. Stay tuned to our website for details.

Intrigued? Learn more about the Life Reimagined process, and keep the process going when you’re on the road by downloading the Life Reimagined “Life Map” app for Apple iOS products at iTunes.