AARPLive_black bkgMost caregivers, whether family or friends, are unpaid, but that’s not to say their contributions aren’t valuable.  In fact, the value of uncompensated care in America tops $450Billion each year.

A recent episode of AARP Live ,  a monthly call in program which airs on RFD-TV,  highlighted the important role caregivers play and provided resources and information to support caregivers.

The program featured Peter Rosenberger,  president of “Standing with Hope.”  He talked briefly about his involvement in building prosthetic limbs for amputees in Ghana, Africa. He introduced his newest book, “Wear Comfortable Shoes: Surviving and Thriving as a Caregiver.”

Rosenberger addressed a few concepts of his book, including include his 1, 2, 30 philosophy for caregivers (1 flu shot, 2 well visits, and 30 minutes of exercise) to help keep caregivers at the top of their game to be able to continue to care for their loved ones.

Here’s how Peter Rosenberger responded to a caller from South Dakota:

The show also discussed the finances of caregiving, connecting with the CPA, healthcare,  and funds that are available for long-term care.

AARP  has a number of resources for caregivers, including a FREE e-book, just released by AARP Family and Caregiving expert, Amy Goyer.  Amy’s book “Juggling Work and Caregiving” addresses the many challenges faced by family caregivers.

Tune November 21 as AARP Live highlights AARP’s work to fight senior hunger.  Join us November 21 on RFD-TV, or watch via the web at  9PM CT.  We welcome your calls and questions on this important topic!

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