On May 13, AARP South Dakota sponsored the spring Healthy South Dakota stakeholders meeting.  We are pleased to support an organization that focuses on healthy nutrition and physical activity for all South Dakotans.

The spring meeting started with a presentation from Sanford officials and their fitCare program.  There are so many options available to kids, seniors and adults to track their physical activity.  AARP South Dakota appreciates the efforts of all our health partners in South Dakota to tackle these tough issues.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing strategies and interventions that will support the 2015 State Plan for Nutrition & Physical Activity to Prevent Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases.  The state has to submit this plan every 5 years and the 2015 plan will be the third plan submitted by South Dakota since it started participating in this program.

With an aging state, understanding and learning about the importance of eating right, exercising regularly and being active is now more important than ever!

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