The Governor’s Medicaid Expansion Task Force held its fourth and final meeting in Pierre on August 20 to review and revise the draft version of the report that will be submitted to Governor Daugaard no later than September 15.
The draft version of the report has been divided into the following sections:

Section I, General Background, provides a basic overview of South Dakota’s Medicaid Program and relevant provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Section II, State Decision Points, provides a summary of decisions relating to Medicaid Expansion that are within the purview of the states.

Section III, Medicaid Expansion Findings, outlines the factual findings of the Task Force relevant to South Dakota’s decision.

Section IV, Medicaid Expansion Considerations, reviews the “pros” and “cons” of Medicaid Expansion identified and discussed by the Task Force

Section V, Implementation Recommendations if South Dakota Decides to Expand, provides recommendations of the Task Force relating to Medicaid Expansion in the event that the Governor and Legislature approve Medicaid Expansion.

A couple of key points in the implementation recommendations section include the Task Force recommending a legislative circuit breaker that would allow South Dakota to terminate the program if the federal share of funding falls below 20%.  The Task Force also discussed the opportunity for health care providers and counties to reinvest a portion of additional revenues that would result if the state implements Medicaid Expansion.

The Task Force members have come to each meeting with an open mind and determined to draft a report that covers all angles of Medicaid Expansion in South Dakota.  The final version of the report will be made available to the public after it is submitted to the Governor.  The Governor will likely hold regional meetings this fall with legislators to discuss the report and the findings of the Task Force.  The Task Force’s report will hopefully serve as a base of any legislative action regarding Medicaid Expansion during the 2014 legislative session.

The Task Force’s website continues to be a good resource for tracking their work. 

Finally, on the heels of the final Task Force meeting, a recent Argus Leader Editorial endorsed Medicaid Expansion for South Dakota.

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