Cliff Vitters photoThe Andrus Award for Community Service is AARP’s most prestigious and visible volunteer award for community service.  This award symbolizes an individual’s power and ability to make a difference in the lives of others.  This award also acts as a symbol to the public that we can all work together for positive social change.

AARP has long valued the spirit of volunteerism and the important contributions volunteers make to their communities, neighbors, and the programs they serve. Recipients across the nation were chosen for their ability to enhance the lives of AARP members and prospective members, improve the community in or for which the work was performed, and inspire others to volunteer.    Consider nominating someone in your community for the 2014 Andrus Award for Community Service.  Nominations will be accepted May 1-June 1, 2014.

Meet our 2014 Andrus Award recipient,  Clifford Vitters of Milbank.   He is a shining example of what many of us can only hope to accomplish in the next chapter of our lives.

Clifford Vitters was born and raised in South Dakota.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Huron College.  He taught in Sheldon, Iowa and Milbank, South Dakota.  After retiring, he has volunteered at his church, area thrift stores, the Grant County library and other community projects.

Cliff has been very active in leadership roles with the Milbank Area Retired Teachers Association, serving as its President for the past five years.  His energy and passion for community service has been contagious.

Cliff has always been a steady, capable leader and with a “giving back” attitude.  He organizes programs and projects for the Milbank Area Retired Teachers and showed gratitude for other volunteers with a recipe book he created for them.

He is passionate about “Kids Against Hunger” and other programs that provide food in his community and across the world.  Cliff is always ready to give a helping hand and to participate in activities across the state.  When Cliff takes on a project, it is done thoroughly and accurately.  Last year, Cliff impressively tackled the issue of updating the membership list for SDRTA, researching addresses and removing names of the deceased from the rosters.

Cliff strongly believes in giving back to his community through volunteerism.  In all of his many great works, Cliff shows humility and graciousness.  He is a comfortable leader from the background, seeking no acknowledgement of his contributions.

Author David Thomas once said, “Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.”  If that is so, Cliff’s biography must glow in the dark!

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