Easing Transitions from Hospital to Home

Posted on 12/1/2014 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

© Istockphoto/lisafx

© Istockphoto/lisafx

AARP North Dakota is urging lawmakers to pass legislation in 2015 that could reduce hospital readmissions and ease patients’ transition from hospital to home.

The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act would allow each patient to designate a family caregiver and ensure the caregiver is notified if the patient is moved or discharged. The bill also would require the hospital to show the caregiver how to perform follow-up medical tasks needed at home, such as managing medications or dressing wounds.

A 2011 AARP survey found about 75,000 North Dakotans served as unpaid caregivers for family members or friends, providing an estimated $830 million worth of services.

AARP North Dakota is asking members to encourage their legislators to support the CARE Act. To help push for this measure, go to action.aarp.org/ndcaregiverstory.