New Year, New Goals, Life Reimagined

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Set Goals Hand Red MarkerI know that for so many of us this time of the year is synonymous with business-as-not-usual. For a variety of reasons, whether it be the holidays, or the family time, or the craziness of shopping and gift giving, this “most wonderful time of year” is different from any other.

For many people it is a time to take in the big picture of life, see where we’ve come, and figure out where we’re going. Or better yet, where we want to go. Our LIFE REIMAGINED.

Growing up, even in my teens and early 20s, that’s exactly what it was for me. More than the holidays, more than a slower work week but more hectic family time, it was a time to clean the slate and set goals. It was a time to dream big about what I wanted to accomplish.

Yep, back in my day, we didn’t have fancy  technology, apps to set goals and reminders,  or fitbits to track our every step. Way back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, it meant ripping out a piece of loose leaf paper and using a pencil to write, for example,

Bench Press Start 160lbs x 10-10-10 (reps). 

Goal 210 lbs x 10-10-10.

I’d leave the space blank in between so each day I could write in the next yearly personal best, or even erase and write the next personal best over the last – wow, funny. That messy piece of paper was tacked up on the wall in my garage where I had my Olympic weight set and a Sears special bench.

Friends would say that I counted everything! I knew that crazy goals were ok, and sometimes needed resetting, but they pushed you to new heights!

One year I started with one goal to do a million sit ups. Yes, a million! Well, needless to say, after I did the math and tried to do almost 3000/day for a while, I said, hmmm, maybe 200,000 for the year is better.

Goals drive me. Make me push. In the peak of my workout years before I started having the muscle issues I set a goal of biking 3000 miles. I put a map on the wall and saw that LA to NY was about 3000 miles.  I mapped each week, logged the miles, filled in the line connecting the coasts…. and around Dec. 28 of, 1991, I biked into NY City (in my head anyway).  3000 miles was accomplished and each day of that year was spent measuring my pace to the goal.

I have to admit that I’ve continued to set some goals at the start of each year but really haven’t done the same kind of pushing of self. Am I settling for limits? Am I convincing myself that age, or muscle issues won’t allow better?


That’s where #TEOTT comes in. It’s still about having The Eye of the Tiger, reaching new limits. It won’t happen without a road map. That visual, the LA to NY map, so to speak.
We have about a week to celebrate the holidays, spend time with family, shop, eat, relax. And we have that same week to not only dream about where we want to be in a year but specifically how we want to become better each day.

I’ve decided to get back to my roots and set some goals now, because, after all, life is only lived once and each time we try, we have a greater chance of success.  I am going to start with the Life Reimagined book and read it this week, and set some solid goals.

One immediate one is I want to bike 1000 miles in 2014 and I hope some of that will be on an E-Bike when weather allows!

Another is my plank work.  I started a couple of months ago at 53 seconds and just completed a 180 second plank.  My goal is 240 seconds by the end of 2014 and I will set specific numbers on plank workouts.  Try it yourself, take the Plank Challenge!

In 2014 I will continue to focus my blog on both physical health and brain health.  They go together.  I will also continue tweeting (@ralphyaniz) on these topics and on heroes who have #TEOTT.  And that hashtag will continue to be our marker for information we can share.

Time to set goals!  I will be back soon with some of my own.  Happy New Year!