Operation Patriotism: Introducing Clyde Folsom of Bangor

As part of our ongoing series in support of veterans and WLOB’s Operation Patriotism, AARP Maine is proud to introduce veterans of Maine who have generously shared their stories about their years of service.  On August 30th, WLOB is sponsoring their 8th annual Sea Dogs game for veterans and their families who are invited to attend for free!  Please go to www.rayrichardson.com for more information and to reserve your tickets.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Clyde Folsom served in the US Marine Corp as a sergeant.  He was in boot camp in 1956 (Parris Island) when the agreement was signed to cease fire during the Korean War.  He proudly served for three years and has now been a veteran for 57 years!  During his years of service he was a parachute rigger, packing parachutes and survival equipment.  One requirement was that he be able to pack his own parachute and then jump 2,500 feet!

Clyde met and married his wife, Carolyn, while in the service and they have three children.  After completing his three-year enlistment, he returned to Ricker College (at the time located in Houlton) as a sophomore.  Following graduation, Clyde taught history and English, but he found his true passion for personal  coaching when he worked as a ski instructor.  This generated Clyde’s deep interest in counseling.  In 1965, Clyde was hired at the University of Maine Counseling Center where he remained as a member of their professional staff for 31 years.  He completed his MEd at Penn State University in 1965 and was awarded his EdD in 1971 by the University of Maine.  He retired from the University of Maine with the prestigious title of Counselor Emeritus!

Clyde remains in close contact with the University and holds six informational sessions each year for parents during orientation.  We are told these sessions are both practical and very popular!  Clyde is also a humorist and professional storyteller.  He is also an accomplished watercolor artist, receiving Best in Show at the 2012 Waterville art show!

Clyde says the most significant thing about his time in the US Marine Corp is that it made him grow up.  “I am proud to be a veteran,” he says. “You give up part of your life for your country, but I will always have a deep respect for the military.”