Recalling Alaska’s Early School Days

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Recalling the early days of Alaska schools


Riveting recollections from Alaska’s early teachers conjure schools set on frozen tundra, classrooms abuzz with Yup’ik chatter, meals of reindeer meat and parkas of hand-sewn sealskin.

“The mission of the Alaska Educators’ Historical Society is to collect and compile these stories from the early days of education in the state,” said Virginia Walters of the Alaska Retired Educators Association.

Alaska Teacher Tales, available as a Kindle e-book, contains 32 memoirs from educators who taught territorial and native-village kids before and after early statehood days.

Proceeds from the story collection support project grants for young educators.

The book can be borrowed for free through Amazon Prime on a Kindle device or purchased as a Kindle book from Amazon for $5.


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