Sioux Falls Transportation Coordination Meeting

Posted on 12/13/2013 by | AARP South Dakota | Comments


AARP South Dakota recently hosted a two-day transportation coordination meeting in Sioux Falls to discuss non-profit transportation coordination.  Carolyn Jeskey with the National Center for Mobility Management in Washington DC facilitated the meeting with Sioux Falls city officials and local non-profit organizations.  Non-profit coordination is one of the 5 transportation priorities the Sioux Falls Transit Task Force is addressing; AARP South Dakota also sits on this task force.

The two-day meeting was spent discussing current challenges and obstacles facing Sioux Falls’ transit system and the status of non-profit coordination in the community.  The meeting also focused on opportunities for the city and non-profits to work together and the resources available to achieve these goals. 

The 5 work action areas the group will focus on moving forward are: 
1) Technology to Ease Access
2) Non-Profit/City Coordination
3) New Solutions
4) Community Wide Education
5) Funding Resources

The group is developing short-term (one year) goals for each work action that can address some short-term challenges and potentially lay the ground work for long-term solutions.

The issues discussed during this meeting and the action plans that were developed will be presented at the next Sioux Falls Transit Task Force meeting in January.