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Fight fraud at shred, e-device destruction day

Posted on 07/21/2014 by | AARP Ohio | Comments

Events Every two seconds someone’s Identity is stolen, making ID theft the fastest growing crime in the country. Last year, nearly half of Americans were hacked in cyber-attacks. AARP invites Cincinnati area residents to protect themselves and their families from fraud and identity theft at a free shredding and electronic device destruction day. This fraud fighting event is open to the public at no charge. WHO: AARP volunteers and staff will be on hand to assist area residents with shredding, destroying …

AARP Fraud Watch Network Helping Combat Elder Abuse, Fraud in Connecticut

Posted on 07/18/2014 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

Connecticut | Money & Work | Press Today, Connecticut took a big step forward in the fight against elder abuse with an Executive Order by Governor Malloy directing Agency Collaboration to Prevent Elder Abuse in Connecticut. AARP is a member of the CT Elder Justice Coalition Coordinating Council and one of the 16 agencies appointed by the Commissioner of the State Department on Aging to work on elder justice issues.  AARP is leading the Consumer Fraud Education workgroup which has hit the ground running with the recent …

Volunteers needed to help staff AARP booth at Aug. 25 anti-fraud forum

Posted on 07/15/2014 by | AARP Arkansas | Comments

Arkansas | Events | Volunteering The next Arkansans Fighting Fraud event will be held Monday, August 25,2014, in Jonesboro, and volunteers are needed to help staff the AARP Arkansas booth. Arkansans Fighting Fraud events are sponsored by AARP Arkansas and six state agency partners. As part of the events, AARP Arkansas is raising awareness about the Fraud Watch Network, a go-to resource to help people get information they need to protect themselves and their families from con-artists and scammers. The Aug. 25 event will be held at St. Bernards Auditorium, 505 E. Washington Ave. in Jonesboro, and …

AARP Georgia Offers Fraud Watch Network as a Resource Helping Georgians Protect Their Financial Security

Posted on 07/2/2014 by | AARP GA | Comments

Georgia | Money & Work AARP Georgia realizes identity theft is a major problem in our state. According to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection, in 2012, Georgia was the state with the second greatest number of complaints related to identity theft filed with the Federal Trade Commission. In Georgia, the AARP Fraud Watch Network helps people fight back against fraud, identity theft, and scams. Augusta community members are invited to learn how to protect their financial resources and identity during a Fraud Watch Network …

Six Ways AARP Florida Fights for You

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About AARP | Florida  A few months after starting AARP in 1958, Ethel Percy Andrus, AARP’s founder, opened a Hospitality Center in St. Petersburg. The center welcomed Northern retirees visiting Florida in the winter and offered a place for those interested in the new association to receive discounts on prescriptions and medical supplies. Back then, AARP was helping Americans 50+ explore real possibilities in Florida. Fifty-six years later, AARP is still in Florida offering programs and services designed to help people explore and achieve …

Sign Up for Fraud Alerts at State Fair

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Events | Iowa | Money & Work AARP invites visitors to the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 7-17, to stop by its booth to sign up for alerts from the AARP Fraud Watch Network. The fair attracts about 1 million visitors each year. People of any age can request watchdog alerts to learn about scams active in their community. Tips from law enforcement officials and former con artists also are available at