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Have you paid into Social Security and Medicare all of your life? Feeling crabby about Washington’s talks of cutting these essential programs?

Then you’ve EARNED A SAY on what’s being done and how to get involved.

AARP Maryland is hosting three free You’ve Earned a Say “Tour of the Shore” community conversations to discuss smart Social Security and Medicare solutions, as well as our work on keeping Maryland’s utility costs affordable around the state.

Attend one, two, or all three of these FREE sessions for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle on-site at each event! Register now! 



An Evening Conversation: Snapper’s Waterfront Cafe

“An Evening Conversation” with AARP MD

Monday, September 23
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Snapper’s Waterfront Cafe
112 Commerce St.
Cambridge, MD 21613

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Featuring complimentary drinks & hors d’oeuvres, and a chance to win a Kindle, AARP National President Rob Romasco will open and close this can’t-miss event! Join AARP Maryland and fellow AARP members as we discuss Social Security, Medicare, and utilities work around the state. Register now!

A Morning Conversation: Dough Roller Restaurant

“A Morning Conversation” with AARP MD

Wednesday, September 25
9:00 am – 11:30 am

Dough Roller Restaurant (41st Street Location)
4103 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842

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Prefer to have a breakfast discussion? No problem! Join AARP MD at Dough Roller Restaurant’s 41st Street location in Ocean City as we provide some of the best pancakes in the state and explain how you can get involved with preserving Social Security and Medicare in your area. You’ll also have another chance to win a Kindle on-site!

An Afternoon Conversation: Wicomico County MAC Program

“An Afternoon Conversation” with AARP MD

Wednesday, September 25
1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Wicomico County MAC Program
200 Progress Circle, STE #200
Salisbury, MD 21804

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This final, afternoon community conversation at the MAC senior center in Salisbury will feature another interesting, rousing discussion, with a complimentary light lunch provided by AARP. You’ll also have a final chance to win a Kindle. Bring your ideas and questions and come hungry.

To register for one or more of these AARP Maryland Community Conversations, visit or call (877) 926-8300.

AARP is fighting for responsible, commonsense solutions to keep Medicare and Social Security strong–not harmful cuts that break the promises we’ve made to those who’ve paid in all their lives. Seats for these events WILL fill up quickly! We look forward to seeing you during our “Tour of the Shore!”



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