When it comes to a discussion about the future of Medicare and Social Security, you’ve earned the right to have your say. Especially when the discussion is close to home. That’s why AARP Massachusetts and WBZ NewsRadio are teaming up to bring the conversation to you!

Listen to a very special NightSide with Dan Rea LIVE on Monday, Oct. 28, at 10 p.m., and join in by calling (617) 254-1030.  Rea’s guests will be AARP President Rob Romasco—who has ties in Massachusetts, and AARP Senior Vice President, Policy and Strategy, Cheryl Matheis.

Decisions are being debated right now in Congress, many of which would lead to cuts in your Medicare coverage and Social Security benefits. If enacted, these cuts would not only adversely affect you and your family; they’d also have a negative impact for future generations to come. Doesn’t the thought of that make you want to speak out and make your voice heard?

Romasco and Matheis will share details on the work AARP is doing to protect your hard-earned benefits. Through legislative advocacy at the state and national level to community-based outreach, AARP is standing up to those in Washington who are looking to find revenue through cuts to your hard-earned benefits.

That’s why AARP launched “You’ve Earned a Say,” a program that promotes a national conversation about the future of Medicare and Social Security—and ensures that you and every other American has a say in the future of these programs. Get involved with You’ve Earned a Say today!

WBZ_ListenLive button_cmpMeanwhile, set your radio dial for 1030 AM on Monday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m., for NightSide with Dan Rea and the special guests from AARP.  You can also listen LIVE online by visiting NightSide and clicking the “ListenLIVE” tab.

NightSide host Dan Rea, a veteran Boston television journalist, moderates the show on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 every weeknight from 8 p.m. to midnight. Rea focuses on a wide variety of issues, political, economic and social, and encourages challenging conversations and diverse ideas combined with respect and tolerance for the opinion of others. Be sure to tune in!

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