1/17 Scam Alert

Free trial offers often lure you into accepting a free product or subscription, but require you to cancel after receiving your offer. When you don’t cancel, you receive more product, and you’re stuck with the bill. Often the fine print makes it very difficult to cancel in time to avoid a charge.  Unfortunately, the tactics are generally legal, unless the seller fails to disclose that you will be charged following the free offer. Be very careful to read the fine print before accepting a free trial, or simply decline the offer. Search online for reviews about the company offering the free trial – you can learn a lot about potential customer service issues this way.


Be a fraud fighter!  If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.

Report scams to local law enforcement. Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network at www.aarp.org/fraudwatchnetwork for more information on fraud prevention.


Image: AARP Maine