Video #1-Foreign Lottery Scam

Dave has some great advice on Lottery Scams helping to kick of National Consumer Protection Week!


Video #2-Check Fraud Scam

Check out Dave with AARP ElderWatch talking about what a  Check Fraud Scam is for the National Consumer Protection Week.


Video #3-Grandparent Scam

Grandparents, check out Nancy and her advice on not being taken advantage of with this popular scam!


Video #4-Free Lunch Scam

Sandy has great advice on not getting scammed with Free Lunch Seminars, check it out!


Video #5-Travel Scam

Becca has some great advice on how to protect yourself!


Video #6-Disaster Scam

When a disaster strikes, many folks want to help out–but be careful, you don’t want to get scammed!


Video #7-Tech Scam

Robert has some great information on Tech Scams!

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