St. Petersburg, Fla. — Finding out how your state legislators voted in the 2017 Legislature just got easier with the release of AARP Florida’s sixth annual Legislative Voting Record.

AARP Florida’s 2017 voting record contains detailed, vote-by-vote information on key legislation in the 2017 Florida Legislature. During the 2017 session, AARP alerted legislators that AARP would consider their votes on certain proposals to be key votes for the 2017 voting record. And because key legislative decisions often occur at several stages during the long process of legislative consideration of a bill, the voting record tracks legislative committees’ actions as well as final House and Senate votes.

“To hold your state House or Senate member accountable, you need to know how they voted on key issues,” AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson said. “AARP Florida’s Legislative Voting Record makes it easy for you to track legislators’ decisions on key issues that matter most to you.”

The voting record organizes information about legislative votes based on broad topics, such as regulated utilities, the state budget, health care and supportive services, prescription drugs, consumer protections and livable communities.

The complete version of the 2017 voting record can be viewed here:

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