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AARP DC is offering a special discount for a Friday, February 14th Valentine’s Day concert featuring Billboard Top 10 Jazz keyboardist/pianist Marcus Johnson. He has emerged as one of the young lions of the music world. Johnson’s unique self-taught style of piano play has earned him distinction among his peers, and accolades among critics and fans alike. Don’t miss his Strathmore debut.* 


When: VALENTINE’S DAY on Friday, February 14, 2014 at 8PM  (Co-Presented with Blues Alley)
Where: MUSIC CENTER at Strathmore Tickets $26–$60

Take advantage of the 10% discount on performance tickets for AARP members!  By using the link below, the price includes the AARP discount. 

You also can call Strathmore for tickets at (301) 581-5100. Use discount code: AARPDCMD

Please note: There is no discount for the “Dream Date Valentine’s Dinner.”

*This is not an AARP event.  Any information provided to the host organization will be governed by its privacy policy.

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