Are you involved with older adult issues in Vermont? This conference will offer the latest information and insights from a wide variety of professional experts across the state and beyond. See below for more on what will be covered.

Conference topics include:

  • Transportation
  • Innovations in Nutrition and Meals Program
  • Needs of Caregivers
  • How to Start and Manage a Volunteer Program
  • Self-Care for Professionals

Facilitated “Table Talks” on a variety of topics: 

  • Local volunteer programs (including Cares and Aging in Place)
  • Dementia Programs Including Memory Cafe’s
  • Hoarding / Hoarder Task Force
  • Self-neglect, Addictions, and Mental Health
  • Advocacy and Reframing Aging
  • Adult Protective Services
  • A2B Mobility Project (Interactive Transportation Map) and other transportation innovations
  • Innovative Senior Center Programs


Our Keynote Speaker is:

Katherine Freund, Social Entrepreneur for Senior Mobility and Founder of Independent Transportation Network of America (ITNAmerica)


Our Panel Discussion on Self-Neglect With:

Professor Kelly Melekis, Skidmore College, author of “Responding to Self-Neglect in Vermont”

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