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AARP Arkansas staff and volunteers in this brief video filmed at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock share some of their favorite things about being a part of AARP. What you don't know about us may surprise you. With over 310,000 member statewide, AARP Arkansas works with elected officials, local groups and volunteers to help Arkansans explore their Real Possibilities.
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The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by a razor-thin margin. In this video, our State Volunteer President explains how the AHCA would substantially raise costs and limit health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Arkansans. Call 844-222-0110 and urge Senator Tom Cotton to do the right thing—and oppose this bad, high-cost bill.
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AARP Arkansas State Volunteer President Charlie Wagener in a column published May 28, 2017, in the Southwest Times Record— "Health-care act is unfair, unaffordable”—explains why the health care bill currently before the U.S. Senate would be bad for Arkansans, especially those 50 and over. Based in Fort Smith, the Times Record is Arkansas' second-largest daily newspaper by circulation.
AARP Arkansas State Volunteer President Charlie Wagener in a column published Feb. 13, 2017, in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette—" Wrong direction: Medicare vouchers a bad idea"—explains  the serious risks that current and near-future retirees would face if Medicare is changed into a voucher system.
Members of AARP Arkansas' volunteer Executive Council invite you to learn more about how AARP helps Arkansans realize their Real Possibilities...and learn where AARP Arkansas stands on key issues on the state and federal levels. Watch for updates here, on Facebook and on Twitter.
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Charlie Wagener named State President of AARP Arkansas
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