Frank Abagnale

Frank W. Abagnale, the world's leading expert on outsmarting con artists, in a Nov. 14 AARP Arkansas Fraud Watch Network event  in Little Rock shared expertise and a variety of tips on how to spot and avoid scams.
Frank W. Abagnale for Banner
Join AARP Arkansas for an evening in Little Rock on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, with Frank W. Abagnale, “Catch Me If You Can” author and leading scam prevention expert.
Frank Abagnale at MCPA
Even alert consumers can get scammed, especially as the digital age has expanded opportunities for fraud. Frank Abagnale knows the tricks and will be in Little Rock on Tuesday, Nov. 14, to offer tips on how to stay safe.
A new survey from AARP says busy consumers relying on the convenience of public wireless networks to keep up-to-date on email, social networks, shopping and even their finances often put their sensitive personal information at risk.
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