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If you are interested in AARP’s work in Arkansas—promoting health, improving retirement security, easing the burden on family caregivers, preventing fraud and making communities more livable—why not play an active role in these efforts?
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Ready to put your organizing skills to work? AARP Arkansas is looking for a Family Caregiving Lead Volunteer. The Lead's responsibility is to manage a team of volunteers and help them achieve their goals for community presentations and appearances. Tasks include: motivating and supporting the speakers as they arrange presentations, keeping track of the schedule, and debriefing speakers after their events.
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"When you volunteer with AARP you know you are making a difference," said AARP Arkansas Executive Council Member and three-year volunteer Willa Black Sanders, MPA. "It matters. And there is so much work to do."
AARP Arkansas is looking for experienced public speakers to help facilitate some of our programs and make presentations.
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