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AARP Wyoming  2020 Carey Avenue, Mezzanine (map) Cheyenne, WY 82009 Phone: 1-866-663-3290 (toll-free) Sam Shumway – Wyoming State Director Renee Gamino – Associate State Director for Outreach Tom Lacock – Associate State Director for Communications/State Advocacy Bret Baugh – Senior Operations Associate     For press inquiries only, please contact Tim Lockwood at (307) 432-5802.


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AARP Wyoming State Director Tim Summers announced today that Tim Lockwood has joined the AARP Wyoming team as the new Associate State Director for Communications and State Advocacy.  In his new position, Lockwood will handle all media inquiries and contacts, as well as assume responsibilities relating to advocacy on state legislative issues. He will also assist with a variety of other activities that AARP Wyoming supports such as community service and outreach efforts.  Lockwood has more than 15 years of …


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  Thousands of guardians across Wyoming and in neighboring states are celebrating today as Governor Matt Mead signed into law SF39 – a bill that will remove the barriers that previously limited guardians from providing continuous care across state lines.  The bill, which comes at no cost to Wyoming taxpayers, passed unanimously out of both chambers of the legislature.   “AARP applauds Governor Mead and the legislature for recognizing the burden that guardians face in trying to provide care across state …

Fighting Fraud with Stronger Wyoming Laws

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Incorporating a company in Wyoming is simple, fast and easy — so easy, in fact, that hundreds of companies do it every year. Among the perfectly legitimate companies are those that are not, and that’s the target of legislation – generally referred to as the Cease and Desist Act that has been passed to give the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office more authority to curb fraud in Wyoming. “The process of trying to deter fraud is a marathon, not a …

United to Serve

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An important change is coming for Wyoming residents who are enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid’s long-term care programs. See Also: Building State Capacity to Oversee Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports In a move that is expected to improve service to clients, the Wyoming Department of Family Services has collaborated with the Wyoming Department of Health to create a centralized unit within the health department to serve clients who are now served by regional Family Services offices. By June 2013, all …

If You Think Something Sounds Fishy, Trust Your Gut

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When someone you trust steals from you, the consequences are immense. You might suffer a sense of betrayal, embarrassment or humiliation, and of course the cost of the loss itself. See Also: Spot Fraud Before It Spots You   A handful of Wyoming residents know that first-hand. They were victims of theft and fraud at the hands of two people they trusted to invest their money. Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield wants Wyoming residents to know that if they …

Help is Available to Caregivers in Wyoming

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When Debbie Walter submitted a required report on Wyoming’s new Aging and Disabilities Resource Center to the U.S. Administration on Aging, this question came back: Was there a typo on the cover email? No, there wasn’t. Walter in fact wrote a 500-page sustainability report on the program. “I wrote up and sent everything I could,” Walter said from her office in Wyoming Department of Health’s Aging Division. “I wanted them to see we have been working very hard even with …