AARP: Social Security COLA is Critically Important

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Chained CPI would make small COLA even smaller. AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond offered the following statement in reaction to today’s announcement by the Social Security Administration of a 1.5 percent Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2014: “The annual Social Security COLA is critically important to the financial security of the nearly 58 million Americans receiving benefits. By providing protection against inflation, the COLA helps beneficiaries of all ages maintain their standard of living, keeping many from falling …

Social Security Generates $30.4 Billion in Economic Activity, Supports 190,000 Jobs in Massachusetts

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AARP Study Quantifies Social Security Benefits’ Critical Contributions to National, State Economies A new study from the AARP Public Policy Institute calculates that each dollar paid to Social Security beneficiaries in Massachusetts generates nearly two dollars in spending by individuals and businesses, adding about $30.4 billion in total economic output to the Bay State economy – and about $1.4 trillion to the national economy – in 2012. The report also finds the $16.4 billion paid in Social Security benefits in …

Medicare Open Enrollment Means Time to Evaluate Your Current Coverage

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Mark your calendar because Medicare open enrollment is coming very soon! Medicare open enrollment, also called the Medicare Annual Election Period, is the one time each year when you can make changes to your coverage options, in the event that your health or the health of your loved ones has changed in the past year. Each year, the Medicare open enrollment period begins on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and ends on Saturday, Dec, 7. Whether you have original Medicare, Medicare Advantage …

AARP Announces Health Law Tool for Consumers

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Association to Continue Nationwide Education Effort   What will the Affordable Care Act mean for you? Health Law Answers, AARP’s new online resource, is a quick and easy way to get customized information based on where you live, gender, your family size, income and insurance status. Answering just seven simple questions generates a report about what benefits may be available to you and your family and where to find more information. The tool is also available in Spanish – …

Kira’s Advocacy Update

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On Tuesday, July 30, State Director Mike Festa testified at a hearing of the Massachusetts State Legislature’s Joint Health Committee in support of two bills relating to the protection of assets for those on Medicaid and planning for long-term services and supports.  One, An Act Regarding the Countable Assets of Medical Assistance Recipients, would exempt the funds held by a community spouse in an individual retirement account, Keogh plan, or similar pension fund from counting against the Medicaid assistance of …

EVENT: Tele-town Hall on Social Security, Medicare!

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By Kira Hessekiel, Advocacy and Outreach Support, AARP Massachusetts You’ve Earned a Say Tele-town Hall Friday, June 28 @ 11AM Medicare and Social Security: you’ve done your part and paid into these programs, and you deserve to be involved in discussions about their future. As part of AARP’s national You’ve Earned a Say conversation, join AARP Massachusetts tomorrow, June 28 at 11AM for a tele-town hall and make your voice heard about the future of Medicare and Social Security.  State …

Don’t forget to vote today!

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It’s Election Day across the Bay State: time to vote to fill the seat for United States Senate.   Polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm. We know the next U.S. Senator will make decisions on the future of Medicare and Social Security.  Get the facts.  Before heading to polls, check out the AARP Voters Guide to find out where candidates Gabriel Gomez (R) and Edward Markey (D) stand on these important issues.

Good news from the State House: Update on SNAP Photo ID

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Update on Senate Bill 1805: AARP is pleased that the Massachusetts Senate included an amendment to S.1805, exempting several vulnerable populations — including elders — from the photo identification requirement for SNAP electronic benefits cards. We thank the leaders in the Senate who advocated, spoke and voted for the complete striking of the harmful language to include photo identification, including Senators Chang Diaz, Stone Creem, Clark, DiDomenico, Donnelly, Downing, Eldridge, Dorcena Forry, Jehlen, Montigny, and Wolf. ACTION: Please call your …

4 Reasons why SNAP Photo ID Cards Are Bad for Massachusetts

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By Kira Hessekiel, advocacy and outreach support for AARP Massachusetts A new proposal at the State House would add a photo identification requirement for Bay State residents on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps).  What’s the big deal? Though it might seem like a harmless request, this addition would have serious negative consequences for already vulnerable populations, including low-income seniors, and our state as a whole. Here are 4 reasons why: 1.        Photo IDs make …

ACTION ALERT: Stop the SNAP Photo ID Provision in S.1805

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As you may have seen in the news, the Massachusetts Legislature is addressing welfare reforms through a variety of bills.  Tomorrow, the Massachusetts Senate will debate S.1805 and the amendments filed to it. AARP opposes a provision in the bill that would add a photo ID to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) beneficiaries’ cards, and delivered testimony before the Joint Committee on Children and Families to outline our objections.  Senator Eldridge (Middlesex & Worcester District) filed an amendment that would …