Phil Zarlengo is the 2017 Andrus Award Winner

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AARP Rhode Island Recognizes Phil Zarlengo for His Dedication and Commitment to Community Service with its  Most Prestigious Volunteer Award   WARWICK, RI  – Phil Zarlengo of Jamestown has received the  2017 AARP Rhode Island  Andrus Award for Community Service — the Association’s most prestigious and visible state volunteer award for community service. AARP Rhode Island chose Zarlengo for his remarkable service, which has greatly benefited Rhode Islanders, supporting AARP’s vision and mission, and inspiring other volunteers. He served as …

Outrageous: An Attack on Those Who Served

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You’ve probably heard about love scams, IRS scams, and scams that swindle the elderly out of their life savings. Now, there’s a new scam on the rise: con artists are targeting military veterans and extorting money from them. Learn more from Dr. Phil…     From the AARP Fraudwatch Network As we honor those who have served our country this Veterans Day, know that scammers go to great lengths to target their money, their benefits, and their commitment to current …

Boost Your Smart Phone, Tablet IQ

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AARP Offers Free TEK Workshops Events at Edward King House, Newport and AARP Providence   AARP RHODE ISLAND will host a series of free TEK (Technology Education & Knowledge) workshops designed to teach the 50-plus everything from the basics to advance use of new technologies, such as smart phones and tablets.  The workshops will take place Monday, December 4 in Newport and Tuesday, December 5 in Providence and cover everything from taking photos, using the latest apps and staying safe …

A Free First-Run Movie Event for Grownups

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We’d love to see you at the movies. Take advantage of the next AARP Rhode Island Movies for Grownups screening. Click anywhere on the image below to register. It’s free and it’s fun!

Hall of Fame Tennis: We Were Listening

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Our informal polls are conversation starters, but the results are striking (NEWPORT, RI) Very few folks (thank you, kindly) suggest we’ve lost our marbles when we ask people to vote on questions presented at our local events. Our informal polls are fun and, most of all, great conversation starters on important subjects. Below are results of our polls at the 2017 Dell Technologies Hall of Fame Open in Newport. Over several days, we asked tennis fans to vote on four …

Your Brain Health: New Recommendations

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Research shows certain activities can benefit brain health, but brain games not one of them En español | WASHINGTON, DC—The evidence for the long-term brain health benefits of what most people consider “brain games” is weak to non-existent, according to a new consensus statement issued today by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH). The good news is that there are many mentally-engaging activities that can help your brain stay sharp over your lifespan. “Brain games” can be fun and engaging, but often …

AARP to Senators: “Start from Scratch”

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AARP urges Senators to vote ‘NO’ and start from scratch on new health care bill   WASHINGTON, DC—AARP Executive Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer Nancy LeaMond sent the following letter today to all 100 Senators in response to the Congressional Budget Office score of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, urging them to vote ‘NO’ on the bill. Below is the letter in full: #AARPRI #AARPRI June 27, 2017 #AARPRI Dear Senator: Older Americans care deeply about access to …

Fraudwatch: Who’s That Knocking on Your Door?

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    Be Wary of Door-to-Door Home Security Sales The summer months unleash door-to-door sales agents in communities across the country. We’ve received reports of a scam run by con artists claiming to be from home security companies. While many home security companies conduct legitimate business using door-to-door sales agents, be wary of anyone using high pressure tactics or creating a false sense of urgency – common traits of a scam!   How It Works: It may be a scam …

Challenges remain when it comes our long-term care needs

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  NEW SCORECARD GIVES RHODE ISLAND IMPROVED MARKS FOR SERVING OLDER ADULTS, PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES  Challenges remain to improve services to older adults, people with disabilities; pace of change must accelerate to meet demographic demands   PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island ranks 32nd overall when it comes to meeting the long-term care needs of older residents and people with disabilities, but showed improvement in all but one Scorecard category.  AARP warns more must be done, at an accelerated pace, to …

An Inspiring Summer Movie From AARP

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