The Caregiver’s Cairn: Changing of Seasons

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Greetings one and all… Today I am blessed to be writing this reflection while taking a bit of R&R. Every September, I celebrate the fall season and the birthday of my best friend somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. And every year, we are treated to the vibrant golds and oranges offered by the aspens of the area. This year is picture perfect—blue skies, glorious aspen, mild temperatures, and soft breezes. Consequently, we are taking advantage of every opportunity to …

Social Security is NOT Calling

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Recently, there has be an uptick in reports of scam calls claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. During these calls the scammer tells their potential victim that they will not be receiving their Social Security check because they have been “blacklisted” or they are in trouble with the authorities. We believe one of the reasons these calls have “bubbled up” might be because people are aware of the IRS scam and scammers are looking for a different way …

Care-FULL Conversation Video Resources

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Thank you for checking out our Care-FULL Conversation Resources.  The videos are to provide information to help benefit the caregiver and care receiver.   Witness to Loss As we companion those who are aging, ill, or dying, we witness a tremendous amount of loss. No matter how well prepared or well trained we are, witnessing the losses of others affects us in profound ways. Sometimes the experience changes how we see the world, how we understand ourselves, and/or how we …

Join us for a Caregiving Webinar on October 3 @ 10AM

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Throughout the journey of caregiving, well- defined and well-managed personal boundaries are a blessing to caregivers and care receivers. Boundaries are necessary behavioral constructs if we are to have healthy relationships with other people. We need to be aware of where we end and the other person begins. Boundaries serve to protect both persons, honoring and respecting each individual. Well-conceived and well-managed boundaries are ultimately a blessing to all involved in the journey of caregiving. Please join us to learn …

Consumer Advisory: New Medicare cards have started mailing to Colorado beneficiaries

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Be on the lookout for scammers and fraudsters. DENVER (Sept. 27, 2018) – New Medicare cards have finally started to mail to Colorado’s Medicare beneficiaries. That’s good news, but the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI), the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) and the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP), all part of  the Department of Regulatory Agencies, caution that scammers and fraudsters are using this to take advantage of unsuspecting seniors. “‘New card, same guard’ is what we’re telling people,” said Kimberly Latta, …

Cancer Caregiver Journey: Loneliness

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Dear Friends: This month I would like to talk to you about loneliness. Ironically, I think that I am lonelier than my husband, the cancer patient. He has ‘guy’ friends. They know he has cancer, but he never talks to them about it. He talks sports, politics, travel, baseball, and more baseball. Yes, I said baseball twice…because he Loves it and has since he was a child. He has a dedicated exercise routine involving either swimming or walking every day. …

The Caregiver’s Cairn: How Has LIFE Changed You?

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Greetings one and all… Today, we are on the eve of the Labor Day weekend. Summer is fading quickly as fall takes center stage. On my daily walks, I recently noted the subtle changes in sounds, smells, and sunlight. I love this time of year in Colorado—a time of changing temperatures, vistas, routines, and rhythms of life. As with every seasonal change, I am prompted to reflect on the changing nature of life. Nothing is static. Life is ever-changing. Because …

Social Security: A Lifeline for Women of Color

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Social Security provides older Americans an important source of reliable income during retirement. This is especially true for African Americans, Hispanics and women, who often lack access to income from pensions or savings and rely more heavily on Social Security. Focusing on people 65 and older, this Fact Sheet demonstrates that minorities are less likely to have diverse income sources, and minority women rely more heavily on Social Security than do other groups

Cancer Caregiver Journey: Important Lessons Learned

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Dear Friends: It has been a long, hot summer! For cancer patients and their families, summer isn’t always an opportunity for vacations, or fun and relaxing. The kids are home from school, but mom and dad still need to work and keep up the same routine of doctor’s visits, or treatment. Finances can also be an issue. Many couples, families or singles who are battling cancer don’t have the extra money or time to get away. Sometimes, simple and short …

The Caregiver’s Cairn: What Do You Expect?

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Greetings one and all… I don’t know about you, but I have yet to experience “the lazy days of summer” this year! The calendar reflects the fact that August arrived today. How did that happen? In a meager attempt to change the pace of life, I am choosing to sit down this afternoon and record a few thoughts that are percolating in my mind, heart, and soul. Earlier this week, I started listening to the book A Man Called Ove …